Nomination forms are now available in the library or here and are due by May 1st.

Council attendance is available here and committee attendance is available here.

The following is an excerpt from the by-laws on Elections.

B. Elections

1. Any member of the Hanover High School community of students, staff, and support staff may place his/her name in nomination by taking the following steps:

(a) Present to the Council Executive by the announced deadline a nomination petition signed by 50 members of the school community.

(b) Verify having attended at least one Council meeting or having watched a videotaped Council meeting (two recommended).

(c) Verify having read the Council minutes for the current year.

(d) May choose to appear at an assembly to outline his/her qualifications, and stance on important issues.

2. Poster requirements are as follows:

(a) Ten posters maximum

(b) The maximum size of each poster is 22’’ x 28”.

(c) Posters must be submitted to the Organizational Engineering Committee of the Council (the details of which will be announced to all nominees) no later than one week before Election Day and must be approved and stamped clearly as approved by the Organizational Engineering Committee.

(d) Poster must not contain putdowns: “You shouldn’t vote for [X] because...” is forbidden.

(e) Posters must not contain profanity.

(f) Posters must not contain references to drugs, alcohol, violence, or sex.

(g) All candidates are responsible for taking down their posters no later than 4 pm on Election Day.

3. A school-wide election will be held based on the list of nominees.

(a) Elections are held in the spring, prior to registration, for all members except new and tuition student representatives, who are elected in the fall.

(b) The voting ballot will consist of nominees’ names, listed by delegation (i.e. 9th grade, 10th grade, faculty).

(c) Any member of the Hanover High School community may vote. Voters choose up to eleven candidates.

(d) Ballots will be posted a minimum of three days before the election.