Public Relations Person

1. Is responsible for communicating the actions of Council to the student body and to the community at large.

2. Is responsible for organizing presentations about Council and the democratic process to HHS staff and all ninth grade social studies classes each fall, in conjunction with the moderator.

3. Will be a member of the Organizational Engineering Committee.

4. Is responsible for promoting school involvement by posting the Council agenda at least 24 hours before each meeting and for maintaining an effective Council bulletin board, in conjunction with the secretary and the OEC Committee.

5. Is responsible for organizing a presentation about the democratic process at HHS to be given to the Dresden School Board at the beginning of each board term, in conjunction with the Dresden School Board Representative.

6. Is responsible for organizing a presentation to parents at the eighth grade parent’s night.

7. Is responsible for distributing a letter to all new staff at the beginning of the school year inviting them to attend a Council meeting.

8. Is responsible for submitting an article to each issue of Broadside, summarizing the major issues being dealt with in Council.

9. Is responsible for writing op-ed letters to the Valley News expressing Council’s sentiments, as appropriate.

10. Is responsible for submitting updates to the Common Ground Announcements.

11. Is responsible for maintaining Council social media, i.e. Twitter and Facebook pages.

12. Presides over meetings in the absence of [the Moderator, the Assistant-Moderator, the Treasurer, the Secretary, and the Dresden School Board Representative].