Agenda 05.16.18 / Minutes 05.09.18

Post date: May 24, 2018 1:30:07 AM

Agenda 05.16.18

    1. Approval of the Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Leadership Elections
    4. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 05.09.18

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” -The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne

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1. Approval of Minutes

2. Reports

    • Mod: Welcome Old and New Council! Have the middle schoolers today who will soon be freshman representatives. Please feel free to ask questions to Old Council members if you have any questions!
    • A-Mod: Meeting full of administration stuff, not a typical meeting. If this is your second to last meeting and you are not a graduating senior, strongly encouraged to stay involved on committee or on Council next year.
    • Treasurer: Council Fund=$6240.90. Co-curricular Fund=$3420.25. Bringing Bix-Fix it Station Motion back today.
    • Secretary: Sophomore alternates can vote.
    • Admin: Discussed awards for INDE.
    • OEC: Ran elections.
    • SAC: Worked on budget. Will have budget finalized by next week.
    • SL: Looked at results of cafeteria survey. Starting drafting letter to school board as reflection of results.
    • CPP: Discussed new motion from Ms. Kono about field trips and getting together at the end of semester 1 to look at field trips for semester 2 so not as many overlaps. Includes in-class field trips such as guest speakers. Voting on motion next week.

3. Tom Hanlon Vote

4. Explanation of Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

    • Speeches next week for Leadership Voting.
    • Mod: Needs to know Robert’s Rules. Needs to have been on Council for at least one year. Communicate between Council and Administration. Mod and A-Mod meet with Mr. Campbell and Ms. Stevenson once a week. Talk to Administration about Council goals. Also on Admin committee. Being a voice in general for Council. Does not talk during meetings.
    • A-Mod: Main responsibility is facilitating committee work. Check in with all committees on Tuesday. Talk with chairs about what they want to do. Liaison between Council and committees. If Mod is not present or wants to hand over gavel, A-Mod is next person in line. More behind the scene work than Mod.
    • Treasurer: Manage Council and Co-curricular funds. Spend many times with clubs and other co-curricular activities that need money. Will work out how much money needs to be given to clubs and activities for event/to foster community. Bring to Council and have discussion. After motion passed, have to go to financial secretary and do paperwork. Work on SAC committee.
    • Secretary: Write minutes, send out minutes and agenda weekly. Post agenda and minutes on Council website. Update roll call records, Council attendance, and progress of motion sheets on Council website. Respond to communications on Council email. Responsible for Motion Sheets after passing of motion. On OEC committee.
    • DSB: Liaison between Dresden School Board and Council. Attend DSB meeting every month, starts at 7 on Tuesday. 2-3 hour long meeting. Take notes during meeting to report back to Council. Have been writing reports for Broadside. Valuable to school community to know what happens during DSB meetings. On Curric committee.
    • PR: Update Council bulletin board. Minimize disconnect between school body and Council. On SL committee.

5. Bix Fix-It Station

I move to amend the motion to read, “I allocate $1500 dollars to the Bike Club.”

    • Originally not to club. If allocated to Bike Club, they will be responsible for maintaining Bike Fix-It Station.
    • Motion Passes
    • Bike Fix-it Station is something Bike Club has considered in past. Bike Club has been inactive this year which is why idea has not moved forward. Have 10 members of Bike Club currently.
    • Concern about Bike Fix-it station being available to outside community during school hours. Worry about security. Asked two Common Grounds (~32 people total), only one person rode bike to school, and that one person said they would not use Bike Fix-it Station. Had open poll on junior class page. Overwhelmingly negative response to use. Worry that there is not enough interest from student body. Some teachers are interested. Big money investment. Talked about possibility of having someone at Bike Fix-it Station to help people who want to use it, but if we don’t have students that are interested, there will be no students outside helping. There are only ~35 bikes on the bike rides in the front of school.
    • Motion is time sensitive. Cost will increase if we do not buy it this week. Price increase by 2% as of May 14th ($30) because of steel tariffs. Very democratic idea for kids who don’t have equipment to maintain a bike. Have to start thinking about carbon emissions and how we can do our part to encourage transportation that will cut down on emissions. Love idea that public can use it. Should be careful to not overthink safety.
    • Bike Club agreed to take it on for maintenance purposes. A lot of money in Council fund, so $1500 is not unreasonable.
    • Motion Passes

6. Meeting Adjourns