Agenda 10.28.15; Minutes 10.21.15

Post date: Nov 5, 2015 9:46:44 PM

Agenda 10.28.15

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Freshman Open Campus Motion
    4. Allocation Roll Call Motion
    5. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 10.21.15

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” ~Milton Berle

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • Moderator: Thank you to the Open House Volunteers! There will be a check coming from Youth Leadership Conference at Babson College
      • Treasurer: Council Fund has $3,641.21. Donation from Youth Leadership will go to Council Fund. Co-Curricular Fund has $3,904.00
      • Secretary: Staff and Senior Alternates can vote
      • DSB: Next meeting is Tuesday, October 27
      • PR: Audience Response System
      • Admin: In contact with schools that have recently implemented late start
      • OEC: Worked on wording for Handbook motion
      • Curric: Hope to have homework survey soon
      • Student Life: Discussed results of parents’ survey for Athletics over Break
      • Student Activities: We had Quidditch yesterday, seniors won. Next week, we will meet in the SSRC
      • Condom Committee: Condoms are available in the nurses’ office now. Condoms are being funded by an anonymous donation
      • Nick Beard Opinion Board: Will be meeting this Friday to elect a chair
      • COI: Approved courses from two weeks ago
    3. Handbook Dance Motion
      • “I move that bullets 11 and 12 of our dance policy be changed to read ‘student behavior at dances needs to remain appropriate as deemed by the chaperones. The students will be asked to leave the dance with no refund if the student is warned about their behavior and it does not change or the behavior is particularly offensive or unsafe.’”
      • “All grinding is not equal” ~Ms. Stevenson
      • Debate Closes
      • Motion Passes
    1. Freshman Open Campus
      • (“I move that eligibility for open campus be changed to include second-semester freshmen.”)
      • Survey Results from 2 years ago:
      • Should be only 4th quarter because the second semester is still a big change for freshmen and the school is still new. 4th quarter would be easier on the freshmen
      • Could negatively affect time management skills
      • A lot of parents were harsh in the survey and attacked the establishment of open campus for all students
      • We should consider a trial period of opening up 4th quarter open campus for freshmen
      • Freshman year is a time when students should earn the right to have off-campus
      • COOP might not want more high schoolers running around the store
      • Freshmen staying on campus can help students gain a sense of community before they have the privilege to leave
      • Some freshman might be more responsible than seniors
      • If Freshman Open Campus had always been in place, nobody would question it
      • If we let people wait, they will feel like they earned it and appreciate it more
      • Helps integrate new, tuition, and RMS students together
      • People with away athletic conferences need to get food from the COOP
      • Proposed Amendment: “COOP Corridor”
        • “I move to propose a corridor to the COOP that would be open to freshmen during the 4th quarter, which they could travel, by walking between the school and the COOP”
        • Not in the spirit of the motion; this motion needs to be brought as a separate motion
    2. Meeting Adjourns