Agenda 11/19/14 & Minutes 11/12/14

Post date: Nov 19, 2014 1:35:59 AM

Agenda 11/19/14

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Student Life Survey
    4. Teacher Web Presence Survey
    5. Senior Exam Motion Discussion
    6. Notes & New Business

“It’s easy to judge, to think we know for certain the right thing to do.

Sometimes, it just isn’t so clear.”

— Bonneville

Council Minutes 11/12/14

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • (Curric): Working with Mrs. Patten and Mr. Campbell on course concern form.
      • (COI): Introduced new physics course and had a discussion on homework.
      • (A-Mod): Robert’s Rules of the week: roll call can be requested on any vote, not just main motions.
      • (Sec.): Senior and staff alternates can vote.
    3. Communication Motion
      • Allows teachers to live their lives out of school.
      • Lets students struggle with their questions without being spoon-fed answers.
      • Maintains our philosophy of face-to-face communication and interaction.
      • There will always be exceptions to this rule – emergencies, etc.
      • In-person communication is a great skill but so is crafting a well-worded email.
      • We need to create a balance with the homework motion.
      • Having to figure out problems by one’s self is a life skill.
      • This has the added benefit of encouraging students to start their work early.
      • There are other resources – friends, groups, and other technology.
      • Will not be as effective without specific wording.
      • Motion passes.
    4. Bylaw Notification
      • Move the opinion board responsibilities to the Broadside.
    5. Bylaw Notification
      • Summer clean-up for clarity and grammar.
    6. Notes & New Business
      • Please ask your CGs which is their most prevalent source of stress.
      • Friday is Ally Day, picture at the beginning of activity period in the atrium.
      • Our emergency systems are a growing source of concern.
      • PA system needs revamping especially in band and orchestra rooms.
      • Council member accountability:
        • Vote for yourself and your opinions.
        • Vote for your grade/constituents.
        • But most importantly, vote for what is the best for the entire school.

Meeting adjourns.