Agenda 11/5/14 & Minutes 10/29/14

Post date: Nov 5, 2014 3:55:50 AM

Agenda 11/5/14

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. 3 Test Motion
    4. Dress Code Motion
    5. Notes & New Business

“If you make the tough decisions, people will hate you today

but they will thank you for generations”

— The Iron Lady (Margaret Thatcher)

Council Minutes 10/29/14

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • (Mod): Max and I will be visiting the Vermont School Board tomorrow.
      • (DSB): Last meeting: presentation on suicide awareness and prevention, Mr. McCracking presented recent SAT/ACT scores, Stevenson presented MI options, and approved winter sports coaches.
      • (Admin): Started on web presence survey to the staff.
      • (RJ): Planned presentation for staff today.
      • (SL): Finalizing school-wide survey.
      • (OEC): Discussed starting handbook reorganization.
      • (SA): Finished research on swipe cards (through Lebanon HS and custodial staff) and not in favour of implementing at HHS.
      • (COI): Budget was approved and sent to DSB.
    3. 3 Test Motion
      • Last test scheduled should be moved.
      • During period you should be working on material.
      • Council should give a blanket statement about what a test is, with teacher-specific definitions in their course standards.
      • Remember purpose: having 3 tests on a day is harder because of lack of concentrate because you are tired NOT because of stress from studying. Plan ahead and spread work out.
      • We (and teachers) are trying to get people to do their best to reflect their knowledge.
      • There is a question of jurisdiction but we are not forcing teachers to do anything.
      • Change “ultimatum” to “impasse.”
      • This helps give guidelines for teachers and supports students normally uncomfortable talking to their teacher in this situation.
      • Possible change to large assessment to include projects.
      • Spirit is good but motion is unnecessary.
      • Teachers are already mindful of load, especially at the end of quarters.
      • We seek conversation but dialogue does not start with legislation.
      • Teachers generally feel that their own test is the priority.
      • This process takes time the wording does not allow.
      • New wording does not include 24 hour notice.

Meeting adjourns.