Agenda 12.2.15; Minutes 11.18.15

Post date: Dec 1, 2015 7:31:44 PM

Agenda 12.2.15

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Doctor’s Note Handbook revision
    4. Athletics Over Break
    5. Notes & New Business

Council Minutes 11.18.15

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” –Woody Allen

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • A-Mod: Freshman Open Campus Motion was vetoed. Explanation to come.
      • Treasurer: Council Fund: $3,616.26; Co-Curricular Fund: $3,604.00
      • Secretary: Senior and Staff Alternate can vote.
      • DSB: Met last night. Discussed homework and expectations. Also recognition of Catherine Patch for the NH PE Teacher of the year.
      • PR: Looking into letting students have their tests back
      • Ms. Nattie (Condoms): $52 donation for Condoms. 80% of parents gave permission. Extremely confidential only records how many condoms given out not specific names.
      • SL: final discussion about Athletics over Break Motion bringing back with a recommendation to pass, discussed class awards.
      • Curric: Reviewed questions for homework survey.
      • Student Activities: Winter Carnival... again :)
      • OEC: Met with Mme Doyle and discussed bylaws and website
      • Admin: Late Start Motion, Discussed Scheduling
      • Mr. Campbell: Vetoed the off-campus motion because he doesn’t see a need for freshman off-campus and it is a transitional period. Will be sending out statement later.
      • Condom Committee, presented by Nurse Nattie: Condom program up and running; form called infosnap; extremely confidential; give students an envelope with the condoms in it and helpful website links; have a list with who is allowed to get condoms and who isn’t allowed; students can go to health office and ask if they are allowed to get condoms; only male condoms; goal to document and use data to correlate with trends of STDs; condoms are not a highly effective method of birth control and they have a 18-20% fail rate according to the CDC.


    1. Bylaw Notification (Money Allocation Motion)
      • “I move that money allocations under $300 be voted on without roll call procedure.”
      • Motion will be coming in future weeks but following procedure by making an announcement about future changes to the bylaws.
    2. Athletics Over Break
      • “I move that the school adopt a policy to limit athletic practices and games (optional and non-optional) during school vacations. School sports will allow for two consecutive days of no scheduled practices or games during Thanksgiving and February break, and three consecutive days during Holiday and April break.”
      • Recommendation from Student Life to pass
        • overwhelming parental support (73%)
        • coaches are mostly against the motion
        • compromise of motion to help reduce concerns of coaches
        • the day allocation for February Break was a point of uncertainty and could be changed
        • the parent survey and comments from coaches were collected using the wording of the original motion
      • Days would include Sundays
      • Winter sports are most affected which is why February Break had fewer no-practice days
      • Holiday Break is difficult because Christmas and New Year’s are already days that are expected to be no-practice days which would need to be scheduled around.
      • The motion says at least three days over Holiday Break but there could be more depending on scheduling
      • Currently break practices are optional and if a student misses them there is no punishment and it is up to the discretion of coach when they are able to play again based on condition and readiness
      • Coaches are vehemently opposed to the motion
      • Practices are generally limited to varsity teams over break where there is an expectation of commitment to the sport
      • Athletes’ fitness and abilities can be effected by the days off which can hinder the success of Hanover teams
      • Some sports have holiday tournaments that they wouldn’t be able to participate in
      • puts Hanover at a disadvantage compared to other schools.
      • Could lead to more games being scheduled during school weeks
      • A Council forum on the motion with the stronger wording found that 149 students were in favor and 38 against the motion
      • Would mess up winter track meets over vacations
      • This motion is a compromise and the concerns about losing conditioning are addressed by the compromise
      • Crew, the most participated in sport, doesn’t practice over break
      • Coaches’ responses to the latest/revised motion:
    1. Meeting Adjourns