Agenda 1/7/15 & Minutes 12/17/14

Post date: Jan 7, 2015 4:26:11 AM

Agenda 1/7/15

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Paper Report Card Motion
    4. Report Card Comment Discussion
    5. Notes & New Business

“Do not be too moral. You may cheat yourself out of much life so.

Aim above morality. Be not simply good; be good for something.”

Henry David Thoreau

Council Minutes 12/17/14

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • (Mod): AIP coming after break for uninterrupted work.
      • (Sec): This is the last meeting before the Holiday Break. Freshman and staff alternate can vote.
      • (DSB): Presentation on AIP reporting, 2015/2016 budget will be approved in January, and Dr. Bass clarified recent school cancellations due to snow.
      • (Curric): Finished course evaluation work.
      • (Admin): Voted not in favor of mandatory web presence for teachers.
      • (SA): Completed a lovely soccer match; it was a nice clean game.
      • (RJ): Discussed changes to RJ given upcoming changes to AIP.
    3. Bylaw Revision: Campaign Posters Change
      • Motion passes.
    4. Course Evaluation Discussion
      • Some teachers are not doing them or doing them incorrectly.
      • Implement a generic survey that can be filled out online.
      • There needs to be more open-ended questions.
      • All teachers should ask some universal questions.
      • This information is used in end of year evaluations with department head.
      • Part of problem is disconnecting course from teachers.
      • Many surveys are not answered when just emailed.
      • Follow Dartmouth model of must complete evaluation to receive grade.
      • Make part of five point assignment at the end of the semester.
      • Anonymity must be preserved which poses problems with tracking completion.
      • Before grade completion gives control of completion but there are fears of repercussions and vice-versa for after.
      • Anyway it happens, it needs to happen more often.
    5. Report Card Comment Discussion
      • Turnaround time does not always allow for worthwhile comments.
      • Feedback should be at minimum every quarter.
      • The addition of PowerSchool makes things go quicker.

Meeting adjourns.