Agenda 2/3/16; Minutes 1/27/16

Post date: Feb 3, 2016 1:35:14 AM

Agenda 2.3.16

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Underclassmen Awards Motion
    4. Breathalyzer Discussion
    5. Gender Motion Discussion
    6. Notes & New Business

Council Minutes 1.27.16

“The cost of ignorance exceeds that of education.”

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • A-Mod: Happy to see committees working on new motions. Mr. Campbell is on the fence, largest criteria for a veto is the “un-enforcibility” of the wording, wants a stronger wording
      • Treasurer: Council Funds: $5,131.66; Co-Curricular Funds: $3,604.00
      • Secretary: Staff Alternate can vote
      • PR: Systems to preserve letters and emails he gets from the community.
      • Admin: Worked on different scheduling options.
      • OEC: Worked on Bylaw Revisions.
      • SL: Discussed Breathalyzers at school dances and upcoming Underclassmen Awards Ceremony Motion.
      • SA: Winter Carnival Signups are this Thursday during common ground.
      • COI: Discussed a course called Chamber Music
    3. Underclassmen Awards Motion
      • “I move to recommend the following changes to the underclassmen awards:
    4. Names should be called before the award criteria.
    5. Personal comments should be written congratulating other top students in report cards.
    6. The awards list should be shared between departments as early as possible to help decrease repeat winners.
    7. Presentations should be kept as short as possible.
    8. We should strive to create student awards that honor a more diverse set of the high school population (student life will discuss this further).
    9. Have all decisions reviewed by coordinator’s committee before award night.”
      • Coordinators Meeting: Made up of department chairs, Athletic Department, Music, No parental/student/community members. A closed meeting.
      • Talked about recognizing members of different clubs as a way to make the award-winner more diversed.
      • Staff on Committee felt that Awards Ceremony is the only time where Academics are awarded and given attention. Making ceremony optional would take away the importance.
      • Recommending to the Administration as a whole.
      • Foreign Language Awards ceremony are optional.
      • Giving a shout-out to clubs who have been successful in the past year.
      • Grade Citations are a separate note that teachers write when they feel a student deserves extra praise. Marked on the transcript. Could encourage more use of the citation.
      • Saying the name first will negate some of the disappointment and will make the process more positive, will also make the assembly go faster.
      • When we start adding thousands of awards to the list, winning an award loses value.
      • Make awards consistent over the years.

      • “I move to divide the motion to consider each separate part (a,b,c,d,e, f) individually.”
    • Meeting Adjourns