Agenda 3/23/16; Minutes 3/9/16

Post date: Mar 29, 2016 3:08:57 AM

Agenda 3.23.16

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Grill Motion (Motion to allocate $1799 from Council Funds to buy a grill)
    4. Gender Motion
    5. Notes & New Business

Council Minutes 3.9.16

“When you are born a lotus flower, be a beautiful lotus flower, don't try to be a magnolia flower.”

~Thich Nhat Hanh

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • Mod: Andrea is sick today
      • AMod: Still waiting on a finished Athletics Over Break response
      • Secretary: Staff Alternate and Junior Alternate can vote
      • Treasurer: Council Funds: $5,131.66; Co-Curricular Funds: $3,604.00
      • PR: Bring a positive attitude to March Intensive!
      • SL: Results of Student Life Survey
      • Curric: Continued looking over the results of the Homework Survey
      • Admin: Did a brainstorm on ways to improve Hanover High School
      • SA: Results of Winter Carnival Survey
    3. Gender Motion
      • I move that Hanover High School implements the following rules and policies under Section 8 (HHS Student Policies and Responsibilities) in the student handbook under its own subsection titled “Gender Inclusivity” with the following subsections...
        • “I move to discuss and vote on each heading of this motion as a separate motion”
        • Motion Passes
      • Legislative Intent - If an individual is treated or dealt with in a manner that is based in historical gender stereotypes differently because of their gender and/or required to conform to a specific standard historically associated with their gender, that is gender discrimination regardless of intent, and that is not permissible. These guidelines aim to prevent gender discrimination and make (non-cisgender) students more comfortable.”
        • Motion to Close Debate (Fails)
        • I move to refer Legislative Intent to the Administration Committee.
          • Lilly: I brought this motion to have a public discussion about this issue.
          • This motion is more of a purpose statement.
          • Motion Fails
        • Order of the Day
      • All-Gender Facilities and Programs - The school requires that individuals be permitted to use single-sex facilities, such as bathrooms or locker rooms, and participate in single-sex programs (such as a co-curricular activity or club), consistent with their gender, regardless of their sex assigned at birth, anatomy, medical history, appearance, or the sex indicated on their identification. This does not require the school to make existing bathrooms all-gender or construct additional restrooms. Single-occupancy restrooms will make clear that they can be used by people of all genders. Some people may object to sharing a facility or participating in a program with a non-cisgender, transgender or gender non-conforming person. Such objections will not be a legitimate reason to deny access to that non-cisgender, transgender or gender non-conforming individual. If an individual objects to sharing a bathroom with with a non-cisgender or gender non-conforming person, they may use the single-occupancy bathrooms in the music department or other areas of the school. -- For single-sex programs associated with the state’s athletic association, the school should do all in its power to try to allow students (regardless of gender) to participate in the programs.”
        • “I move to refer All-Gender Facilities and Programs to the Administrative Committee.”
          • Motion Fails
        • Cisgender: When you identify as your gender given at birth
        • “The discomfort of some does not trump the rights and dignity of others.”
        • We need to give people the right to feel comfortable in their own skin
        • Would like to see more information and language regarding the state’s athletic association
        • The restrooms we have are currently divided. I don’t think the number of bathrooms we have will be an issue
        • Gym offices are open if someone cannot use a locker room
        • This is about including people
        • Concerns about sexual harassment or assault in locker rooms
        • There is nothing preventing assault/harassment in locker rooms right now from people of the same sex; this doesn’t change anything
        • It might be better to make everything unisex
        • Unisex is more complicated, this is a step in the right direction. Unisex can come later
        • Want to see more concrete details
    1. Meeting Adjourns