Agenda 4/27/16; Minutes 4/20/16

Post date: Apr 26, 2016 6:17:25 PM

Agenda 4.27.16

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • Student Life Survey
    3. Bylaw Notification
    4. Gender Motion
    5. Money Allocation
    6. Restorative Justice Motion
    7. Homework Motion
    8. Notes & New Business

Council Minutes 4.20.16

“Doing things faster is no substitute for doing the right things.” ~Stephen R. Covey

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • Mod: Third to last normal meeting. Then transition meeting.
      • A-Mod: We haven’t heard back from AOB; we may take this as a pocket veto
      • Treasurer: $3,332.66 in Council Funds; $3,604.00 in co-curricular funds. Hoping to pass the budget soon. SAU has not yet released how much money we will get.
      • Secretary: Senior and Staff alternate can vote. Thank you to Connor for taking notes on the Gender Motion.
      • DSB: Will be taking notes on Gender Motion in place of secretary, as secretary is the one who brought the motion
      • PR: Staff Appreciation is next week!
      • Curric: Discussed Homework Communication motion.
      • Admin: Sent out Skip Bean survey and only got 11 responses. Please fill it out. Please sign up to bring in things for staff appreciation.
      • SA: Budgets.
      • OEC: Elections are on May 6. Nomination forms are due April 27. Poster approval is April 28-May 3 in the Library. Council members are responsible for validating forms. Please make sure that people actually go to those meetings.
      • RJ: Working on a motion to bring in two weeks. It expands the program to non-AIP cases
    3. Community Member Approval
      • “I move to approve Jen Gantrisch as a community representative for the remainder of this year.”
        • Motion Passes
    4. Gender Motion (This section of the minutes was done by Connor Stafford)
      • I move that Hanover High School implements the following rules and policies under Section 8 (HHS Student Policies and Responsibilities) in the student handbook under its own subsection titled “Gender Inclusivity” with the following subsections...
      • Discussing each point individually
      • “Names, Pronouns, and Using Gendered Terms - Individuals should avoid addressing a group of people as “ladies and gentlemen,” “boys and girls,” “ladies,” or any other gender binary or gender-based terms, as it does not include non-cisgender and gender non-conforming students and can make them uncomfortable. Similarly, students may not be split into two (or more) groups in a classroom setting based on gender or sex assigned at birth, as it leaves non-cisgender and gender non-conforming students feeling excluded or ostracized. Individuals should avoid addressing another individual with a gendered word (such as “young lady”) without being certain of the person’s gender. All members of the Hanover High School community have the responsibility to use and respect an individual’s personal pronouns. These pronouns include, but are not limited to: He, Him, His, She, Her, Hers, They, Them, Theirs, Ze, Hir, Hirs (Pronounced Zee, Here, Heres), Ze, Zir, Zirs (Pronounced Zee, Zere, Zeres), Xe, Xem, Xyr (Pronounced Zee, Zem, Zere). If a person is not sure as to what another individual’s personal pronouns are, it is suggested that the person asks the individual for clarification. If an individual is not sure as to whether or not another individual’s pronouns or gender identity are public knowledge or not, they must check with the other individual before sharing the information with anybody. The pronouns used in the English language have changed in recent years. For example, the pronoun “they” is now accepted by linguists and in the English language as a singular, gender-neutral term. Members of the Hanover High School community have the responsibility to be open to using these pronouns. At the start of a new semester, teachers are encouraged to ask students to let the teacher/class know of any corrections to the student’s name, as well as to inform the teacher/class of the student’s pronouns. On the first day of a new semester, the school will provide name tags for students that provide a space for the student to list their personal pronouns, if they so choose. If an individual takes a foreign language and uses non-gendered personal pronouns that might not exist within said foreign language, they should discuss or research a solution with the teacher. The teacher has the responsibility to use a pronoun that the student is comfortable with. Teachers, students, and other members of Hanover High School are required to use and to respect an individual’s chosen name, even if the name is not their legal name. The intent of this is to prevent non-cisgender and gender non-conforming individuals from being misgendered or called by a name that the individual feels misgenders them. Similarly, if an individual feels that their legal name does not correspond with their gender, the individual may request that their email address be changed to a name that they feel corresponds with their gender. The other email account must be deleted to avoid confusion. This student also has the right to have their official name and gender changed in PowerSchool, Schoology, or other school-based data collection programs. In cases where legal names or legal sex are required, the school must include an option for an individual’s true name and true gender, if possible. No member of Hanover High School may place the burden on individuals to justify their gender identity or expression and demonstrate why a particular distinction (pronoun or gender label) makes them uncomfortable or does not conform to their gender expression. It is inappropriate for an individual to pursue discussion of this topic without explicit permission from the individual. Any survey sent to members of the Hanover High School community that was created within or by the school must allow for an “other” gender option, aside from male and female, if requiring an individual to provide their gender. Examples of surveys created within or by the school are surveys created for a class, or a survey created by a student or staff member with the intent of reaching a member of the HHS community. Any form sent to members of the Hanover High School community from the school must allow for an “other” gender option, aside from male and female, if requiring an individual to provide their gender. If needed, the school can request individuals to report their biological sex in addition to their gender.”
        • This specific wording is important
        • What if people begin to identify as inanimate objects?
        • “I move to refer this section of the motion to Student Life”
          • We’ve had good discussion, why move it?
          • This is an important issue, what else should we be doing?
          • Some parts of this could be trimmed down
          • Is the motion too specific?
          • Maybe this should go to Admin instead?
          • Motion fails
        • It is not possible to legislate acceptance
        • Problems should be worked out person to person
        • By legislating this, we make gender the only thing that matters
        • A person is not defined by their gender
        • Tolerance should develop naturally
        • The positives of this motion far outweigh the negatives
        • Motion passes
          • Abstentions
            • I agreed with the spirit of the motion, but disagreed with the wording
            • I felt that a committee could have ironed out the details
      • “Clothing and Appearance - Hanover High School does not require dress codes or uniforms, or apply grooming or appearance standards, that impose different requirements for individuals based on sex or gender. Because the dress code is gender-neutral, all genders must follow the dress code regardless of their gender or sex, and is equally enforced for all students. In the case of athletic uniforms, all uniforms on a team must be the same. If a student takes issue with their athletic uniform, they should take it up with the Athletic Department. At music performances, the attire guidelines cannot be enforced or suggested based upon gender. Example: In the past, chorus concert attire has been black clothes for females and males, with males wearing a tie. However, under this rule, students — regardless of gender — may or may not choose to wear a tie. The school does not have the power to enforce this standard for the attire for music festivals that are not associated with the school. If a student takes issue with the attire proposed by the festival, they should bring it up with the festival director(s) or ask their teacher to communicate with the festival. At graduation, the gowns for the graduating class should all be the same color, or students should be allowed to choose the color of their gown from the given options. The color of the gowns should not be selected based on the gender or sex of the students. Hanover High School prohibits discriminatory harassment or violence motivated by a person’s actual or perceived gender identity or expression that attempts to interfere with, or actually interferes with, the free exercise of an individual’s right. Discriminatory harassment includes violence, the threat of violence, a pattern of threatening verbal harassment, the use of force, intimidation or coercion, defacing or damaging real property and cyberbullying.”
        • Dress codes at other events, how does that work?
        • What is the concept of uniforms? Who regulates those?
    1. Meeting Adjourns