Agenda 5/16/2014 & Minutes 5/9/2014

Post date: May 30, 2014 10:55:56 PM

Agenda 5/16

    1. Approval of minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Scheduling committee discussion
    4. Plan M motion (brought from Mme. Doyle)
    5. Jcomm report
    6. Bylaw revision (council forum)
    7. Notes & New business

Council Minutes 5/9/14

    1. Approval of minutes
      • (Plan M discussion was moved up the agenda after Tom Hanlon cup voting)
    2. Reports
      • (OEC): Speeches next week on Monday and Tuesday and elections on Thursday!
      • (Treas): Money allocation ($40 to science club) passes. Co-curricular funds stand at $1,961 after the allocation.
      • (SA): Working on our “Happy” spring video
    3. Tom Hanlon cup voting
    4. Plan M discussion
      • Plan M would change the Wednesday schedule so that all classes would be 45 minutes long, leaving a 40-minute block in the middle of the day for Council and other standing committees to meet.
      • Teachers are more willing to lose 5 minutes of class on Wednesday than they are losing a student every Friday.
      • There is weak teacher representation on council due to it being held 4th period on Fridays.
      • This won’t affect the technology department.
      • It is hard to make everyone happy when agreeing on a schedule.
      • This would allow other clubs to meet on Wednesdays.
      • Student weren’t able to observe council unless they had 4th off, this will them to now.
      • This is one of the simpler plans the scheduling committee came up with.
      • People would pick other clubs over council
      • Other plans have been proposed. I’m not sure why these have not been presented as well.
      • Wednesday is already a shortened day (would this lead to more student stress?).
      • Wish we could discuss the needs of the people in a schedule with the whole council.
      • I don’t see how this plan will change our prior concerns with scheduling.
      • Discussion is postponed.
    5. Jcomm discussion
      • Original Motion: “I move that the Judiciary Committee be composed of elected officials from the general student body for a one year trial period.
        1. You may run for Council as well as Jcomm.
        2. Elections will take place during the Council elections in the spring.
        3. Freshmen will vote in the fall during orientation.
        4. There will be two students from each grade as well as two staff members.
        5. Jcomm members will elect a chair from among themselves.
        6. Nomination forms are required but other forms of campaign are not required.
        7. Individuals will vote for two members from their grade.”
      • We are currently still in the trial period for this – it will soon expire.
      • We are bringing it back to set it in stone. Bringing it back exactly as it was passed without the trial period.
      • If we do not pass it again it will go back to what it used to be. It will just be made up of council members.
      • There will still be a reelection cycle every year.
      • We will have to have different elections for Jcomm this year if we pass this.
      • This motion was created to improve accessibility- I do not think this has been improved.
      • It would be better to have this discussion with all Jcomm members present.
      • Jcomm this year was made up of a lot of people who weren’t on council.
      • When you are on Jcomm you want a case. We do not want to lift the spirits of the students who make up Jcomm. If this is to get more people involved this isn’t the right way.
      • Jcomm has not met so how do we know if it works?
      • We cannot keep postponing this. Jcomm might not meet but that doesn’t mean we should keep postponing it until it does.
      • We need to make it clear what you’re signing up for next year if this passes.
      • I really recommend postponing this until we have Jcomm members here to talk about this and hear their point of view on the matter.

Meeting adjourns.