Agenda 5/23/13 & Minutes 5/16/14

Post date: Jun 4, 2014 9:53:25 PM

Agenda 5/23

    1. Approval of minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Nominations
    4. Plan M
    5. Council forum
    6. Jcomm report
    7. Notes & New business

Council Minutes 5/16/14

    1. Approval of minutes
    2. Reports
      • (Mod): Welcome new members!
      • (Treas): Still working on club budgets but what is being requested is more than we have to give.

Motion to transfer all the money left over in the co-curricular funds to the Council funds.

Debate closes.

Motion passes.

    • (DSB): The new members from the Class of 2018 are Johanna Bandler, Sarah Bozuwa, Aisling Kelly, Harrison Silber, and Collin Rozzi (alt.)
    • (Admin): Motion to allocate $20 to the admin committee for staff of the year.

Debate closes.

Motion passes.

    1. Student Life survey report:

Things to be most concerned about:

    • Amount of sleep students are getting.
    • Amount of homework being given (60% of students felt that the amount of school work given affects their sleep even after managing their time well).
    • Hope to improve the relationship between students and staff at school.
      1. Scheduling Committee report:
        • Met in winter/spring of 2013.
        • Set up to investigate different scheduling options.
        • Consisted of community, staff, administration, and students.
        • Main goals: to improve conflicts that cause loss of class time, student stress, exclusivity of Council, lack of a lunch period, and maintain student freedom.
        • Spent time gathering data, sending out surveys, exploring different models, and creating templates.
        • Last meeting date: 6/23/13.
        • Staff has not seen plan T(w).
      2. Plan M:
        • Might help us talk about other possible plans.
        • Would provide long break on Wednesday with 5 minutes less of class time.
        • Council would be shortened by 5 minutes.
        • Not mutually exclusive with plan T(w).
      • Motion to implement Plan M.
      • Overall will be helpful to not have students miss a full class period every week.
      • Accessibility of Council is great.
      • The missing 5 minutes can add up quickly.
      • We discourage long periods of time where students are free.
      • Many teachers may schedule their x-periods on Wednesdays now
        • (Administration tells the teachers when they are and aren’t allowed to have x-periods).
      • Having Council take place during activity period may help us find a more accessible space to meet.
      • Might solve the problem of tardiness to Council after activity period on Wednesdays
      • Always will be some issues surrounding time.

Meeting adjourns.