Agenda 5/2 & Minutes 4/25/14

Post date: May 17, 2014 9:10:41 PM

Agenda 5/2:

  1. Approval of minutes
  2. Reports
  3. Bylaw notification
  4. Bylaw revisions
  5. Jcomm evaluation
  6. X-period motion
  7. Notes & new business

Council Minutes 4/25/14

  1. Approval of minutes
  2. Reports
    • Welcome French students!
    • (OEC): Council elections are coming up! Please refer to the council bulletin board for more details.
    • (SA) Ice cream party for seniors is going to be held Friday 5/2 during activity.
  3. Restorative justice motion:
    • The motion has changed a lot after meeting with the staff.
    • Restorative justice comes in after the base consequences. This helps the students learn how to be responsible and even be able to self-report to colleges.
    • This process is about reintegration.
    • We are not changing anything to due with base consequences.
    • If they are found guilty after going to Jcomm they can go back and do restorative justice.
    • With these changes we are confident we will have support from the staff.
    • This does not seem like much has changed. It’s on the right track and still a good motion that has had a lot of hard work put into it.
    • Amendment: “Regardless of J'Comm's ruling, a student can opt in for Restorative Justice.”
      • There will be a trial period for this motion.
      • Jcomm is more about was the law followed.
      • The staff does not want the students to try and avoid their consequences.
      • Debate closes.
    • Amendment passes.
    • Debate closes.
    • Motion passes.

Meeting adjourns.