Agenda 5/9/2014 & Minutes 5/2/2014

Post date: May 30, 2014 10:45:44 PM

Agenda 5/9:

  1. Approval of minutes
  2. Reports
  3. Tom Hanlon cup voting
  4. Bylaw revisions
  5. Jcomm discussion
  6. Plan M discussion
  7. Notes & new business

Council Minutes 5/2/14

  1. Approval of minutes
  2. Reports
    • (Treas): A money allocation for the science club will be coming soon. I am working on club budgets with SA.
    • (DSB): Talked about security at the school and the school board wants to know how students feel about having police presence in the school. Also thank you to those who came to the meeting to talk about their March Intensive. We are looking into instituting mandarin at some point at this school.
    • (SL): Results from survey are back. We will be sharing those with council soon.
    • (Admin): Working on nominating staff of the year.
    • (OEC): Posters are up. Elections are on Tuesday the 13th.
    • (Curric): There has been no negative feedback yet about restorative justice. We are now working on teacher evaluations/reporting. Department of heads is in charge of staff evaluations.
    • (OEC): Council elections are coming up! Please refer to the council bulletin board for more details.
    • (SA) Ice cream party for seniors is going to be held Friday 5/2 during activity.
  3. Circle Up presentation
    • “Formed by a group of local parents who came together to begin a community conversation about youth substance use. Community partners include Hanover High School staff and administration, the Upper Valley Substance Misuse Prevention Network based our of Dartmouth-Hitchcock, and the Hanover Police Department.”
    • Would really appreciate more input from the students/youth in the community.
    • Please contact us for substance free event ideas.
  4. Tom Hanlon nominations
    • Kelsey Smith (Been very instrumental in the restorative justice process at our school. She has spent years working hard on this and it has finally passed.—Nominated by Toby)
    • Ms. Addante (She is always here and supporting the community—nominated by max) * respectfully declined nomination.
    • Max Greenwald (Always involved in the discussions at council. Very passionate about moving things along.—nominated by Isaac)
    • Mr. Campbell (Has done a great job as principle so far and he shows genuine interest in the council.--nominated by Eleanor)
    • Isaac Jacobs (Contributes a lot to council. Very precise and eloquent during the meetings- he is a great role model. –nominated by Mae)
    • Mr. Berube (Has always been very involved in council and getting the word out to the school about what we do and tries finding ways to improve that. He isn’t just focused on council; he has worked with Mr. Murphy to create the common ground games, trying to bring the common grounds closer together in a fun and creative way.)
  5. X-period motion
    • Admin is bringing a recommendation to fail this motion. Under the current policy it is not much of a conflict right now.
    • Original motion: Was to put check-ins in the discretion of the teachers.
    • Current policy is to check-in at the beginning of every X-period.
    • It was a huge deal at the beginning of the year but it isn’t a big deal anymore.
    • Debate closes.
    • Motion fails.
  6. Bylaw revision
    • strike article VII: committees; section H: SLC; item 2: specific duties; point (g) To assist Ms. Nickerson as needed with periodically sending out an email to 12 students containing a Golden Ticket, which gives the student who claims the ticket, and one friend, free admission to school sponsored events for 22 weeks, with the following conditions: i. The 12 students will be chosen at random and will consist of 3 students from each grade. ii. The first student to reply to the email will be the only one to receive the Golden Ticket. iii. School sponsored events include athletic events, music department concerts, and plays. iv. To receive the ticket, the student must go to the front office, where they will be presented with a chocolate bar and a hard copy of the ticket by Ms. Nickerson. v. To use the Golden Ticket, the student must present the hard copy when asking for admission into the event (i.e. at the ticket table, if there is one).
    • Student events are now free so this motion isn’t really necessary and wasn’t very effective in the first place.
    • There are still problems with student/staff communication over email.
    • Debate closes.
    • Motion passes.
  7. Discussion on Security
    • School board looking to increase school security, and is exploring the possibility of having a full-time police officer stationed in the school
    • Must mark distinction between police officer and Student Resource Officer; has had great success at other local schools such as Mascoma.
    • Already made progress: reinforcing layer on windows around school, labeling system, limiting possible entrances during school day.
    • We should also recognize the possibly of student-inflicted in-school violence.
  • Meeting Adjourns.