Agenda 6.06.18 / Minutes 5.30.18

Post date: Jun 5, 2018 2:51:41 PM

Agenda 6.06.18

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Budget Motion
    4. Allocations from SAC
    5. Dress Code Motion
    6. X-Period Standardization Motion
    7. Assistant Secretary Motion
    8. Staff Senate Motion
    9. Term Limit Discussion
    10. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 5.30.18

“All our dreams can come true--

if we have the courage to pursue them.”

〜Walt Disney

1. Approval of Minutes

2. Reports

    • Mod: The speaker’s list is really long so it might take a while to get to you but everyone is on the speaker’s list! 8th graders are not coming.
    • AMod: Nice job to the committees that met this week. Make sure to read bylaws next week; think of what you want to do next year.
    • Committee Chairs:

SAC - Sophie and Tom Lyons

SL - Alice

Admin - Clay and Sage


Curric - Ian and Noah

    • Treasurer: The council fund is $4,740.90 and the Co-curricular fund is $3,428.25.
    • Secretary: No alternates can vote.
    • DSB: Debate about the Community Service motion next meeting. Wants more Council Reps to come and speak at the meeting, so if you can go, please go!
    • PR: Council Instagram was created.
    • Curric: discussed goals for this year. Jonathan Li as CPP member; he will be attending CPP meetings
    • SAC: discussed goals for next year
    • OEC: no chairs yet; planned elections for freshman alternate and senior member and alternate.
    • SL: read of bylaws; set goals as community; main goal is to strengthen relationship with Cafe Services

3. Assistant Secretary Motion

“I move to redistribute and update secretary responsibilities and further outline the process of motions through administrative approval”

    • Secretary has taken on a lot of roles that actually fall into committees
    • Creating an assistant secretary would help with the historical record keeping; following up with motion approval, etc.
    • Opposed to having another person on leadership
      • Want secretary to use OEC and have PR help; revisit this motion an year from now
    • These responsibilities have been delegated to other committees, but it didn’t work; the secretary already has so many responsibilities, so it would be helpful to have another person to take care of all of the secretary’s responsibilities
    • It makes more sense for two people to have the secretary responsibilities, splitting it up to committees is too much, better to have two people focused on the tasks rather than a group of people
    • Should give secretary responsibilities to PR
      • Wait to vote on this motion, have the PR try to take care of these responsibilities
      • Not PR’s job, they shouldn’t be taking care of motions, historical record keeping
      • PR should be “council’s face”; they should not be taking roles behind the scenes
        • The PR hasn’t been as active in the recent years
        • Look at the roles of PR again; this is a separate problem
        • Shouldn’t give PR other responsibilities because they don’t have enough roles
    • There has to be a change to the process; the motion’s path through the administration is not clear
    • Good way to get underclassmen to get a position
      • They would have a lot of experience; it wouldn’t be as stressful when they move up to secretary because secretary has so many small details; easier to learn the ropes
    • Have a trial year; try it out an year and see if it works
    • Have OEC have an “assistant secretary” - not a leadership position
      • They would have these responsibilities but would not be in a leadership position
    • Table it to the fall
      • Have OEC focus on this; help the secretary for this spring

“I move to table this motion to the fall.”

    • A whole committee cannot take on this big role
    • This problem has not worked for a long time; need to look at Council’s history
      • Curric’s role in having a CPP member hasn’t been working
      • Should listen to old exec
    • Bring Admin into the conversation
      • Motion sheets has to do with Admin, not necessarily just with OEC
    • Shouldn’t table this
      • It doesn’t work to give it to OEC, the responsibilities all ended up falling to the committee
      • Hard to give roles to committees
    • If this doesn’t work out, we can easily get rid of it
    • Need to solve this problem now, shouldn’t put it off for next year

Motion fails

“I move to amend the motion to say under number 4, will be a member of the administrative committee.”

    • Specific duties of the assistant secretary relate to Admin
      • Admin hasn’t had a lot of work with motions
    • This job is not necessarily a secretary job
      • Has to do more with motions in administration; stronger relationship with Admin’s roles
    • Assistant secretary doesn’t have to be on OEC because their jobs aren’t necessarily related to what they are doing in committees.

Motion Passes

“I move to amend the motion to read at “add a leadership position, called the Historical Records Officer”

    • Assistant secretary sounds like they are getting the assistant secretary set up for the next year
    • It doesn’t matter if the person gets the secretary position the next year
      • If they are running for a position, you have more experience, and the voters see that, then you should have that position
        • Too egalitarian to say that we don’t want people to have an advantage in having more experience

Motion Fails

4. Meeting Adjourns