Agenda 6.13.18 / Minutes 6.06.18

Post date: Jun 13, 2018 3:05:40 PM

Agenda 6.13.18

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Grill Allocation
    4. Assistant Secretary Motion
    5. Staff Senate Motion
    6. Term Limit Discussion
    7. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 6.06.18

“Don’t stress. Do your best. Forget the rest.” - Unknown

1. Approval of Minutes

2. Reports

    • Mod: There is a lot of members who want to really get motions in, and it’s great that everyone is excited, but enjoy the end of your year!
    • AMod: Hope that everyone went over their bylaws and made goals for next year. Make sure to share attendance sheets with secretary.

OEC - Sabin (but looking to get co-chairs)

    • Treasurer: The council fund is $4,740.90 and the Co-curricular fund is $3,428.25.
    • Secretary: No alternates can vote.
    • DSB: Debate about the Community Service motion next week at the DSB meeting. Wants more, possibly one or two, Council Reps to come and speak at the meeting! Please email me if you can come.
    • PR: Thinking about doing schoology posts or making a private or public council facebook group/page, let me know if you have any ideas
    • Admin: looked at goals for next year; handbook changes; what our responsibilities are
    • Curric: Meet with Ms.Stevenson to talk about academic integrity policy and the restorative justice is working
    • CCP: discussed the schoology motion and it has passed; foreign language department wants to add a credit for a student to graduate
    • SAC: talked about bylaws
    • OEC: finalized the 2021 ballots for the alternate vote; decided on a chair; looked at next years goals
    • SL: planned questions to ask cafeteria manager, we will meet her next Tuesday; went down to the salad bar - everyone should go check it out!

3. 2018-2019 Budget Motion

“I move to pass this 2018-2019 Budget“

Motion Passes

4. Allocations from SAC

“We move to allocate $50 for the club of the year award”

Motion Passes

“We move to allocate $50 for the staff of the year award”

Motion Passes

5. Dress Code Motion

    • Motion was vetoed because there was no requirement to wear a shirt/top
    • “I move to add ‘shirt’ under the first bullet point where it says ‘students must wear…’”

Motion Passes

    • “I move to add ‘pants/sweatpants/shorts/skirt/dress/leggings, etc.’ under the same section in the first bullet point where it says ‘students must wear…’”

Motion Passes

    • Shirt is the same as a top
    • “I move to amend the amendment to say ‘top’ instead of ‘shirt’”
    • Top and shirt are the same, but this clarifies things about whether a dress is a shirt; this way it can be considered a top and a bottom.

Motion Passes

    • “I move to add top and bottom to be subpoints that says ‘Students Must Wear:’”

Motion Passes

Motions as a whole

Motion Passes

6. X-Period Standardization Motion

    • The language needs to be cleaned up
      • Have a vague idea of what x-periods are, but each teacher has a different way of providing x-periods
        • Teachers have a lot of questions
    • We should move it to a committee

“I move to refer this motion to the admin committee”

    • One committee working on it will be better than having the whole council discussing this

Motion Passes

7. Assistant Secretary Motion

“I move to amend the motion’s first point under secretary’s responsibilities to read ‘takes minutes of each Council meeting’ and delete everything past that”

“I move to amend the amendment to read ‘posts minutes of each Council meeting on the council bulletin board and on the council website’”

Motion Fails

Motion Passes

    • Need to look at PR’s roles and seeing if they can take on some roles before creating another leadership position
    • Even if we move this to a committee, people can still use that experience, saying that they had the experience of helping secretary
    • New council always thinks that they will make things better, but it hasn’t been better for the past four years
    • PR needs to focus on its own role, not worry about the historical record keeping of council
      • PR needs to focus on public relations

8. Meeting Adjourns