Agenda 8/24/14 & Minutes 6/13/14

Post date: Aug 24, 2014 5:40:53 AM

Agenda 8/24/14

    1. Approval of minutes
    2. Reports
    3. (Re-)introductions
    4. Goals
    5. Robert’s Rules
    6. History of Council
    7. Notes & New Business

Council Minutes 6/13/14

    1. Approval of minutes
    2. Reports
      • (Mod): Picnic is coming up and retreat will be held near the end of the summer.
    3. Committee Assignments
      • Goals and future ideas:
        1. OEC - Committee meeting times etc. with change in schedule.
        2. SL - Hand dryers in bathrooms, basketball hoop outside.
        3. SA - Improve Winter Carnival, be exciting!
        4. Curric. - Teacher feedback and evaluations, teacher websites.
        5. Admin. - Improving awards, attendance, other organizations.
    4. Community Representative Approval Motion
      • These are administration appointed, Council approved representatives.
      • Representatives will speak in fall about reasons for joining, goals, etc.
      • Debate closes.
      • Motion passes.
    5. Notes & New Business
      • Should all committee meetings be on the same day?
        1. Cannot visit other meetings.
        2. Committees can be more flexible about visiting others if members have interest.
        3. This has the same pros and cons as Plan M
        4. Around 10 of us have more than 2 clubs during the week in activity period.
        5. If we pick now it gives clubs with lots of Council members to change their meeting times.
        6. Are we putting Council above everything else and is that good?
        7. Day-to-day memory is better with the proximity of the two meetings.
        8. Already cutting off one day, two is too much.

Meeting adjourns.