Agenda 9.19.18 / Minutes 9.12.18

Post date: Sep 18, 2018 10:59:43 PM

Agenda 9.19.18

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Approval of Community Reps
    4. Improv Club Allocation
    5. Freshman Off-Campus Motion
    6. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 9.12.18

1. Approval of Minutes

2. Reports

    • Mod: Welcome freshman!
    • AMod: if someone from each committee could come out and help at the activity fair on Friday (at the committee booth) that would be great! We want more people, including those that aren’t in council, to join the committees so we will have a booth for people to sign up
    • Treasurer: The council fund is $4273.21 and the Co-curricular fund is $3,428.25
    • OEC: worked on new and tuition students election for tomorrow
    • SL: work to better the student life at the school

3. New Hampshire Institute of Civics Education Presentation

    • Council is a way to bring about change to HHS
      • A place where you can project your voice
    • Trying to find ways to support student voice at HHS
      • Increase student involvement within the school
    • Wants to build a network with other local high school
      • Grow student voice within schools
    • Last year, two kids went to the training and they had a lot of fun
      • event was sponsored by NH Listens and the NH Institute of Civics Education.
      • Want more kids involved this year
      • The purpose of this training is to collaborate with fellow students from other school
    • Want to host a student voice retreat at HHS in the future
    • Want students, including those not on council, to be involved with council
      • Get more students involved in student government within the school
    • Council leadership training; we already have a retreat every fall, but want to improve the training so that council can better improve the way it represents the student body and the student voices

4.Freshmen Off-Campus Motion

“I move to add the following wording to the Student Handbook under Student Policies, Open Eligibility Requirements”

    • Freshmen can integrate into high school during 1st semester and then have privileges 2nd semester
      • This way they have a chance to integrate before getting their privileges
    • What are the opinions of the upperclassmen
      • Like the problem with the iPads at RMS
      • Feel that it’s better if the freshman get an year to stay within the school; better understand the school community
      • Freshmen need time to get involved in clubs / classes
      • They need to learn about time management
      • They aren’t mature enough
    • Not fair to not allow freshman to get off campus privileges, just because the upperclassmen never got those privileges

“I move to amend the motion to change off campus privileges from second semester to just fourth quarter’”

    • Just having it for fourth quarter would be good because they have a chance to integrate themselves within the school community before getting those privileges
      • Having it just fourth quarter will allow for a transition period between having no privileges to having some
    • If the freshmen aren’t allowed to go off-campus because of the reason of integration, then all grades be banned from off campus
    • Seems that most people just want to go off campus to get lunch/food at Co-op
      • They could just limit the places where freshman can go
        • From school to recreation center to Co-op
      • However, we can’t have teachers lined up, making sure the freshmen are only going to the Co-op
      • People want to get food before going to sports practice / before away-games
    • Upperclassmen don’t want freshman to go off campus because they aren’t used to the high school environment
      • They could make bad decisions / take part in bad actions
      • They need to understand that this isn’t a middle school environment.
    • After a semester of high school, the freshmen will have already gotten a hang of high school
      • People still join clubs when they are a senior
      • Freshmen can’t just understand high school in one semester
    • Even within second semester, people are still adjusting to high school
      • Spring sports, new classes, etc.
    • Most people are still adjusting to high school, even as a senior in 4th quarter
    • Kids moved to Hanover high as a freshmen; they didn’t know anyone, they didn’t understand the Hanover community
      • If they get off-campus from freshman year, they won’t be able to meet new people or make friends because people are already in different groups
      • People assume that everyone is from RMS but that is not the case
      • Some people only do spring sports
        • They are still adjusting to the high school environment/lifestyle (doing a school sport) and they are still trying to make friends
    • Time management skills are important to learn in freshman year
      • But even within the school, people can easily waste their time
        • They don’t necessarily learn time management
    • There is a huge difference between being a high school freshman and senior

Amendment passed

“I move to amend the motion to say ‘ninth grade students will have access to a “Co-op corridor” that that will pass between the high school and the Co-op food store located at 45 South Park St, Hanover, NH’ ”

    • The upperclassman would notice if freshmen were outside the areas in which they are allowed to be in
      • If they aren’t by the Co-op then the upperclassmen would notice
      • The upperclassmen should have the responsibility
    • It should be a school effort; the upperclassmen should look after the freshmen
      • Make sure they aren’t going off-campus to the places where they should not be going to