Agenda 9.23.15; Minutes 9.16.15

Post date: Sep 30, 2015 12:33:17 AM

Agenda 9.23.15

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Late Start Motion
    4. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 9.16.15

“I invite everyone to choose forgiveness rather than division, teamwork over personal ambition.”

~Jean-François Cope


    1. Reports
      • Moderator: Welcome to our new Council Staff members! We have Jenny Chambers (S1), Warren Tucker (S1,S2), Jon Gentine (S1,S2), Amy Good (S1), Dan Falcone (Alt.) (S1,S2). Spoke with Administration about late start motion, cafeteria, and breathalyzers at school dances.
      • A-Mod: Issues with committee attendance. Know where your committee meets. Meetings are mandatory.
      • Treasurer: Council fund currently has $3672.66.
      • Secretary: Staff alternate can vote
      • DSB: Upcoming DSB meeting this Monday
      • PR: Join the schoology group
      • Curric: Discussed homework
      • SA: Discussed Winter Carnival dates
      • Admin: Discussed Staff of the Season and J Comm
      • OEC: New and Tuition Student Elections tomorrow. Sophomore Class elections on Tuesday September 22. J Comm Elections on September 29.
      • COI: One of COI’s goals this year is to better understand how school and community expectations impact students use of time throughout their day and to create a set of recommended time allotments for homework and school technology.
      • SL: Discussed Athletics over Break Motion. Working on survey for parents.
      • Nick Beard Opinion: Schoology Group created. Discussing Underclassmen Award Ceremony opinion letter.
    2. Approval of Minutes
    3. Money Allocation
      • “I move on behalf of the 4,000 Footer club to allocate $150 from the Council fund into the 4,000 Footer Club”
        • $ coming from Council fund because the Co-Curricular fund at this point in time is empty
      • Debate Closes
      • Motion Passes
    4. J Comm Motion
      • Motion to: amend Article VII, Letter F, Number 3, Point ii to read ‘elections will take place in the fall and be organized by the Organizational Engineering Committee’ and to strike Article VII, Letter F, Number 3, Point iii.
      • “I move to refer the J Comm motion to the Admin Committee”
        • Debate Closes
        • Motion Passes
    5. Late Start Motion
      • I move that Hanover High School adopt a 9am start time”
      • Lots of science shows benefits of starting school later
      • Out of jurisdiction?
        • Administration would look kindly upon the motion from Council as a starting point
      • Possibility of taking away X-periods to account for lost time
      • If school end time was pushed to later, the school might get hotter during warmer months
      • Possibility of more homework
      • Informal Straw Poll -- Who would be personally benefitted by this motion?
    6. Meeting Adjourns