Agenda 9.5.18 / Minutes 6.13.18

Post date: Sep 18, 2018 10:57:45 PM

Agenda 9.5.18

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      1. Community Service Ad Hoc Committee
    3. Ford Daley Council Leadership Training
    4. Common Grounds Moving Persons Discussion
    5. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 6.13.18

1. Approval of Minutes

2. Reports

    • Mod: I hope everyone does well on their exams!
    • AMod: There will be a council picnic/retreat in the fall before school ends. Shout out to Student Life for getting the salad bar. Welcome to Ben Wagner, our new alternate for the upcoming sophomores! Juniors make sure to vote for your Alternate!
    • Treasurer: The council fund is $4,740.90 and the Co-curricular fund is $3,428.25.
    • Secretary: No alternates can vote.
    • DSB: DSB meeting last night. The community service motion didn’t have much discussion. It would be great if no The track will be renamed after Coach Brown; wondered what sort of sign/plaque we could put up near the track.
    • Admin: meet with OEC; talked about what’s going on with record keeping.
    • Curric: meet with Ms.Stevenson to talk about next year.
    • SAC: Ice cream party for seniors is finally happening this Thursday.
    • OEC: met with Admin; Ben Wagner has been elected as sophomore alternate
    • SL: met with Mel, director of cafeteria; she proposed many ways in which they are going to change the cafeteria
    • CPP: discussed the homework free weekend
    • JCOM: discussed how our year went; assessed ourselves, what we did well, what we didn’t do well; discussed some potential bylaw revisions for JCom

3. Grill Allocation

“I move that Council allocate $375 from the co-curriculum found for repairs on the grill”

    • The grill was significantly damaged over the winter
    • They should move the grill inside next winter so that this damage won’t happen again next year
    • We roll it down and up everywhere, but maybe we should repair and keep it in one place; then get a cheaper grill for rolling other places. We are damaging the grill a lot when we roll it around on the cement road

Motion Passes

4. Assistant Secretary Motion

    • We need to make a new position and re-look at the committee duties
    • There is no problem that someone has a “unfair” advantage; they have the experience so they should get the job
    • OEC has a lot to do with uncovering the old stuff; it might be nice to have someone taking care of the current stuff
    • We tried dividing up with committees, but it didn’t work out; we can’t run away from our problems; we need to change something
    • There are already a lot of leadership positions; we don’t need to add another one
    • Admin should be doing the handbooks and taking care of motions; the solution has been in the bylaws; admin has not been taking care of this; we have a system in place, we just need to use it
    • No one has been a secretary; we need to understand the secretary position; if we are on top of every little thing that we need to do, we don’t need this position, but this hasn’t been working for the past few years
    • If we had some sort of “assistant secretary” position in OEC similar to the CPP representative in Curric
    • Just because some has a leadership position doesn’t mean they are better

Motion Fails

5. Staff Senate Motion

“I move that a staff senate be created in Hanover high school.”

    • A staff would be elected from each department
    • Staff would no longer be on Council, or we could keep this

“I move to make this a discussion and not a motion”

Motion passes

    • This is already during activity period; staff members already have an opportunity to join council
    • There is some sort of miscommunication between staff and administration
    • When we say staff from each department, are we talking about the big five or every single department found in the school
    • This school is a laboratory for this democracy; we aren’t a government
      • A way to learn about our democracy
    • We don’t even have enough teachers on council; we need to see more staff on council before we give them more places to state their opinions
    • Council is a place for students and teachers to all discuss, not separately
    • We need to send the agenda to the staff each week so that they can know what’s happening on Council each week; maybe they would come if they knew what was going on

7. Meeting Adjourns