Agenda 9.9.15; Minutes 6.3.15 and Retreat

Post date: Sep 30, 2015 12:30:12 AM

Agenda 9.9.15

    1. Approval of Minutes (6.3.15 and 8.30.15)
    2. Reports
    3. Approval of Community Representatives
    4. Council Buddies
    5. J Comm Motion
    6. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 6.3.15

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”

~Henry Ford

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • Moderator/Treasurer: Trail Kids @ Velvet Rocks Community Service
      • A-Mod: Council Picnic this coming weekend
      • Secretary: Class of 2017 alternate can vote
      • SL: Meeting with Mr. Jackson (Athletic Director) about Athletics over Break Motion tomorrow
      • Admin: Staff of the Year Award Survey will be going out with nominations for Staff members
      • RJ: Movie for Restorative Justice will be worked on over the summer and will hopefully be ready for start of the year
    3. Gift Money Allocation, Skip Bean Award Money Allocation, and Staff of the Year Award Money Allocation
      • Treasurer: “I move to allocate $75 for a surprise gift [for Mrs. Ceplikas], $20 for the Skip Bean Award, and $50 for the Staff of the Year award”
      • Debate closes
      • Motion Passes
    4. J Comm Elections Bylaw Revision
      • Secretary: “I move to amend Article VII, Letter F, Number 3, Point ii to read ‘elections will take place in the fall and be organized by the Organizational Engineering Committee’ and to strike Article VII, Letter F, Number 3, Point iii.”
      • Gives new and tuition students opportunity
      • Point iii refers to freshman-specific elections, which would no longer be necessary, as elections would take place in the fall
      • Debate closes
      • Debate re-opens
      • The few weeks at start of year without an elected J Comm could be problematic
      • Motion to suspend the rules to move on to next point on agenda
      • Motion fails
      • What happens next year since we don’t have a J Comm?
        • Has to happen in the fall anyway
      • Something needs to address the two week period at the beginning of the school year when there is no J Comm
      • Motion to table motion until next council meeting
        • Motion to table passes
    5. Committee Meetings to Elect New Chair
      • Administrative: Meredith Ferneau
        • DEC: Felix Herron
      • Curriculum: Sofia LaPorta and Marco van Gemeren
      • Organizational Engineering Committee: Hana Dai
      • Student Activities: Sarah Bibeau
      • Student Life: Sarah Bozuwa and Daniel Osofsky
    6. Meeting Adjourns

Council Minutes 8.30.15 (Retreat)

    1. Ice Breaker Games and Snacks
    2. Introduction to Leadership
    3. Guest Speaker: Bob McCarthy
      • Council is not a revolution, but an evolution
      • Formation of J Comm
      • Issues in 1970’s
        • Soccer Incident -- Council disagreed with a disciplinary action of the school
        • Smoking Room at HHS -- Council pushed to eliminate smoking at HHS for the staff as well as the students
      • Only way that Council will survive is if people fight to keep it
    4. Guest Speaker: Ford Daley
      • Adolescence: Learning about Private Life v.s. Public Life
      • Thinking v.s. Talking: Don’t believe/ everything you think; Don’t say first thing in mind
      • Smoking Motion
        • Brought attention to differences between adults and teens: health is not one
      • Talk to the People
    5. Introduction to Exec and Role (Mme Doyle)
      • Hired by Council; Advises Executive Committee; serves at the pleasure of the Council; Council Parliamentarian; Non-voting; Non-speaking during meetings
    6. Responsibilities of Council Members
    7. Parliamentary Procedure Primer
    8. Goal Setting Discussion
      • The Three A’s
        • Accountable
        • Accessible
        • Active