Post date: Mar 7, 2018 2:01:25 PM

Agenda 02.28.18.

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Winter Carnival Ice Cream Money Allocation
    4. YPA Money Allocation
    5. Intent Bylaw Motion
    6. Open Campus Bylaw Revision
    7. X-Period Motion
    8. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 02.14.18.

“So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.” Norton Juster

1. Approval of Minutes

2. Reports

    • Mod: Speak up in Council, even if it means standing up. Council members have mentioned not being able to hear speakers.
    • Treasurer: Council fund = $6660. Co-curricular fund = $4280. Bringing money allocation today. Ms. Murray has not taken $160 out of fund allocated for Winter Carnival yet.
    • Secretary: Sophomore alternates can vote.
    • Admin: Looked at bylaws and found place for intent motion.
    • OEC: Drafted wording for vaping motion, which has been shared with Dean. Beginning to plan election schedule.
    • SAC: Worked on Winter Carnival for Friday.

3. Acapella Money Allocation

I move to allocate $360.75 to the Acapella Club.

    • Current Acapella fund is $2972. Acapella club oversees three acapella groups and divides balance into three sections for each of the groups: Dachords, Soarthroats, and Hilights. Acapella Club has not requested money from Council in the past. Almost all money is fundraised through concert the club pays for once a year. Last year, concert raised $1250 towards club. Acapella groups collectively hire “Sound Town” for mics and sound at concert. Other than that, acapella groups work independently to manage money for festivals, transportation, purchasing music and other related expenses. Every year, Dachords competes in ICHSA, an acapella singing competition against other schools. Trip is expensive, and includes $250 entry fee into competition, in addition to $275 bus fee and $85.75 for other related expenses. Soarthroats has $1700, Hilights has $1272, and Dachords has $0. $360.75 will go into Dachords balance within Acapella fund.
    • Acapella is strictly co-curricular and does not receive credit from music department in school.
    • Competition has already occurred.
    • Was not a responsible financial decision on the behalf of leaders of last year, who did not expect for Dachords to go on trip following year.
    • Possibility of money from Soarthroats and Hilights in Acapella club fund being used to help reimburse Dachords, and Dachords paying back money after fundraising concert. This idea is possible, but is complicated and difficult.
    • Money was not requested before trip because current Dachords leaders thought there was money in budget, but went to Acapella fund to get reimbursed and found no money remaining.
    • Acapella is one of the most active clubs at the high school. Seems strange that Council has not allocated money to the Acapella Club. However, the club should be separated into three separate clubs so each group can create and submit own budget tailored to specific group’s activities.
    • Money in acapella club is not separated into three bank accounts.
    • Motion Passes

4. Intent Bylaw Motion

    • Staff members often ask about intent or motives when talking about motions. Writing intent statements helps groups writing a motion to clarify to reasons and guide conversations. Intent statement following motion through approval stages assure that people discussing motion understand motives behind it.
    • Came out of creating Cell-phone Motion, thinking was different after clarifying intent.
    • Intent statement can be amended because it is part of motion.
    • Having intent statement may use more Council time that we already do not have a lot of debating over the intent of a motion.

I move to add “Intent statements may only be amended after the motion has been referred to committee and cannot be amended during the debate of the main motion in a full Council meeting.”

5. Meeting Adjourns