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Agenda 04.04.18

    1. Approval of the Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. X-Period Standardization Motion
    4. Vision of a Graduate Discussion
    5. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 03.28.18

“UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” -Dr. Seuss

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1. Approval of Minutes

2. Reports

    • Mod: Going to RMS to coordinate election schedule soon.
    • A-Mod: Technology for Community Service Motion starting to get sorted. Mr. Campbell feels ready to have a philosophical debate about it in DSB. Few members are not quite on board with philosophical reasoning. Hoping this will happen before end of school year. Pushing for a freshman roll out instead of a core class roll out because of logistical things, such as using online program. Let A-Mod know if you are interested.
    • Treasurer: Council fund = $6240.90. Co-curricular fund = $4400. April 27th, Council fund will go down $300 for seniors Winter Carnival ice cream party. Discussing what will be done with Co-curricular fund at the end of the Council year. Usually all gets transferred into Council fund, but this year lots of money in Co-curricular fund. Considering donating to March Intensive Scholarship fund.
    • Secretary: No alternates can vote.
    • OEC: Finalized schedule for elections.
    • SL: Mr. Campbell talked to fire chief who said no to couches in hallways. Meeting Mr. Campbell on Friday to discuss community spaces around the school. Trying to set up meeting to look at lunch/cafe system at RMS and how we can have better food options at HHS. Waiting for more information from Jamie Teague on specific cafe data.
    • CPP: Discussed homework free motion over April Break and Memorial Weekend. After much debate, motion passed. Talked about goals for school next year. Talked about Vision of a Graduate as 2018-19 goals. Will be talking about what teachers are looking for in students.
    • Student Voice’s Summit: Had a lot of small table discussions with questions and talking about what students’ experiences in schools with student voices have been like. Lots of discussion from both teacher and student perspective. Talked about how to let all students shine in school, even if they have different interests and passions.

3. X-Period Standardization Motion

    • Motion seems directed towards individuals who are taking a lot of honors classes. If a student has a free period and had an X-period in every single class, the student would have 11 free periods in a week, which seems excessive.
    • One math teacher said they do not give X-periods because they have too much curriculum to cover. Said that if all teachers were required to give X-periods, would have to cut some of curriculum. Not a matter always of teachers not wanting to give X-periods.
    • In Spanish class, never got X-periods, but also get very little homework. Sometimes, it is nice to not get a lot of homework in a class. Would prefer to have more class time, less homework.
    • Point of motion is to allow students to talk to teachers. Even if students have some free periods, doesn’t mean that teachers also have those same free periods. In math and science classes, should still be taking into account that students may need to talk to teacher for help.

I move to amend the second bullet point to read, “X-periods should be given once a week during a full five day school week or equivalent to 20% of class time.”

    • Are some classes, particularly more remedial classes that meet 5 days a week, but give the students 20% of class time to work on homework every day. Gets to concern of having lots of work.
    • Wish this teaching technique would be adopted by more teachers in school. Having time at end of class where student can go to teacher and ask questions is very useful. Often will walk out of hard lecture and will be confused, but have to go to next class and completely change mindset.
    • If all students have questions, this is not enough time.
    • Motion Passes
    • Do not think that this is solution to problem. What happens in classes from week to week varies, and this limits teachers. Larger issue in scheduling. Block schedule at high school SL visited may be a better solution.
    • Free time is important. This motion takes away autonomy of teachers. Getting more X-periods in harder classes, and less X-periods in easier classes.
    • 60% is too low a number. Students should not receive X-period for such a low grade.
    • X-periods were put in for flexibility in student’s day. Morphed into flexibility for individualizing education. Then, shifted to time that teachers used as they saw fit, and less about student flexibility. Many programs do not work well with diminishing use of X-periods, like Dresden Plan. Has been a frustration for some supporting programs at HHS. X-periods were seen as ways for high school students to learn how to manage time. Only way to do that was to give them responsibility of choice for student to stay and do homework or to leave.
    • People in honors and non-honors should get the same amount of help. By only honors classes getting X-periods, saying that only students who are challenging themselves should get X-periods. Technically, students should be in honors/non-honors classes based on what is challenging for student. If everyone is choosing classes that are challenging for themselves, all students should be given time to talk to teacher and motion should not just be for honors students.
    • Solution is temporary solution that is better than what we have. We can look for more permanent solution after this motion is passed.
    • Some teachers think X-periods are for covering new material, which is not good use of X-periods.
    • Teachers who are giving X-periods are not a problem. These teachers are trying to actively reduce stress level of students. There are teachers that do not think that students need time to ask questions, which is problematic. Love idea of changing schedule completely, but will take at least two years.
    • X-period should not be free time for students to do whatever they would like-- they should speak to teachers or do work that is related to the class that they are in the time for.

I move to strike the third bullet point, “Students with a class average above 60% are to be permitted to leave the classroom for at least half of the class period, provided that they are caught up on all of their work.”

    • Most people are against the motion because of this point. Do not agree with 60%. Should not be focused on teachers leaving class-- would rather focus on students finding time to talk to teachers.

5. Meeting Adjourns