Minutes 05.02.18/Agenda05.09.18

Post date: May 9, 2018 12:59:27 PM

Agenda 05.09.18

    1. Approval of the Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Explanation of Leadership Roles and Responsibilities
    4. Leadership Nominations
    5. Bike Fix-It Station
    6. Reflections/Goals for Year
    7. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 05.02.18

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince

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1. Approval of Minutes

2. Reports

    • Mod: Next Thursday is Staff Appreciation Day. Sending around sign-up sheet for baking and decorating. Going to RMS today to talk to prospective Council 8th grade students during 5th and 6th. Mr. Campbell is sending out email soon about community members in Council, process will start around next week.
    • A-Mod: Council funded hoop was never installed. Money is ready to take out but hasn’t been yet. Leadership nominations next week.
    • Treasurer: Co-curricular fund=$3428.25. Council fund=$6240.90. Bringing two allocations today.
    • DSB: Wrote report for the Broadside.
    • Secretary: Senior alternate can vote. Seniors and staff, please sign up to be at election table.
    • Admin: Talked about Skip Bean Democratic Citizen Award and Staff of the Year Award.
    • Curric: Continued to work on Council copy of handbook.
    • OEC: Had speeches for all grades. Next Tuesday is Election Day. Next Wednesday is first Old and New Council Meeting.
    • SAC: Working on budget.
    • SL: Went to RMS last Thursday. Big takeaway is to look at what contract promises and look at reality. Drafted survey about student experience in cafe. Will write to school board about student opinion on cafe.
    • CPP: Discussed three-year goal program instead of year-long goal program. Seems to lead either to mental health or leadership.

3. Adventure Capital Presentation

    • Adventure Capital is tool for support to students who need funding and/or mentors for projects that you would like to launch. Can apply for experiences as well. Projects help students work on teamwork, leadership, and public speaking skills. To learn more, contact AdCap Team. Email: Info@AdCapYOUth.org. Phone: 856-425-2953.

4. Skip Bean Democratic Award Allocation

I move to allocate $30 for the Skip Bean Democratic Award from the Council fund.

    • Skip Bean Democratic Award has been given in Council by Admin committee in the past. The person that Admin ended up choosing had a lot of nominations and Admin does not think they get enough recognition. Usually award is given to more than one person, but felt like there was one strong person nominated.
    • Motion Passes

5. Staff of the Year Award Allocation

I move to allocate $25 for the Staff of the Year Award from the Council fund.

    • Believe it is appropriate allocation from Council for Staff of the Year Award which has been given for years. Will be getting gift from Amazon using money.
    • Motion Passes

6. Bike Fix-It Station

I move to allocate $1500 from the Council fund to Jessica Eakin for the Bike Fix-It initiative.

    • Mrs. Eakin has been working on this project in conjunction with other libraries in our local community. Goal is to build bike fix-it station right outside school. Includes stand, attached pump that will be secured to ground, tools, etc. Idea is that while Hanover High School students can use it, it will also allow for community to use to fix bikes. QR Code will also be available to get video support to fix something on bike. In fall, will have groups of students and adults to help and offer workshops. Building and Grounds has signed off on project. Problem is that library is not allowed to fund project.

I move to table the motion until New Council is meeting (in three weeks).

    • Feel that this is a lot of money. Haven’t seen Co-curricular Budget yet. May possibly come to point where we allocate money for project but find clubs requesting more money than usual. Fortunately, New Council will have more meetings because elections are earlier. Seems like more responsible decision to wait to have more updated budget number. Could possibly harm clubs.
    • If wait until New Council, will have to work with New Treasurer and possibly no SAC committee. SAC committee has done budget. Know that Council fund is very high. Believe that this project can be funded based on numbers from clubs requested. Only reason to table is if there are logistical questions that only Mrs. Eakin can answer.
    • Motion Fails
    • Reason for project is because there is no bike fix-it store in town. No known surveys conducted.

I move to amend the motion to read “I move to allocate up to $1500 from the Council fund to Jessica Eakin for the Bike Fix-It initiative.”

    • Interested in knowing total amount of money actually needed for project.
    • Motion Passes
    • Do not want us to get bike fix-it station and then not have it be used.
    • Even if no one in Hanover High School uses bike fix-it station, will be a huge improvement for greater community. Planning on having celebration for set-up and sign by road stating that there is bike fix-it station at HHS.
    • Unclear where money will come from for maintenance of bike fix-it station.

5. Meeting Adjourns