Minutes 10.26.16/Agenda 11.2.16

Post date: Nov 1, 2016 2:56:41 PM

Agenda 11.2.16

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Staff of the Month Bylaw Revision Notification
    4. Mental Health Discussion
    5. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 10.26.16

“There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” -Aristotle

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • Treasurer: I wasn’t able to get new figures for this week but should be no change.
      • Secretary: Sheet is being passed around to sign up to report to a Common Ground that doesn’t have a rep assigned to them. Class of 2019 and Staff alternate can vote.
      • DSB: The board approved all of the March Intensive courses approved with a statement that COI and the Committee could change them based on their discussions they could bring back courses that had previously been removed. Wanted to keep many courses at a low cost. Redesign of the school website coming up.
      • PR: Talk to your peers to get motion ideas
      • Admin: talked more about Student of Month and Skip Bean
      • SAC: Quidditch where seniors beat the freshmen. Halloween dress up on Monday with check-in in the atrium to increase participation.
      • Curric: Began discussion on Curric survey
      • March Intensive Ad Hoc: Meet next week sometime
      • Gender Ad Hoc: Meets Monday during 3rd period
    3. Yearbook Council Pictures
    4. Plastic Water Bottle Discussion
      • Links to websites that may be worth looking at to investigate more
      • Going green is a great idea but NPR had a story about UVM banning plastic water bottles and found an increase in the amount of soda and other drinks bought
      • There are many environmental club members in Council and people should come to the meetings to discuss it because it directly related to the clubs mission
      • This change won’t shift everyone’s mindset because for students it is a matter of both convenience and thinking so we need to make it convenient and easy by making it an economic advantage and then raising awareness
      • Most of the plastic water bottles don’t actually contain water bottles so we could talk about instituting a soda fountain with reusable cups to address that problem
      • How would a soda fountain impact the cafe who already closes early
      • Is it possible to change the contract with the cafe
      • It is possible to make a change with the cafe based on what the consumers want
      • This could be looked at by enviro club and it wouldn’t be the first time they had brought a motion to Council
      • Five years ago the environmental club brought a motion to ban water being sold in the school and the two hang ups were the contractual obligations with the old cafe company and some group had a major fundraiser selling water at Basketball games
      • Environmental club can talk about this next Monday during Activity in the room at the end of the science hallway on the right, Mrs. Murray’s room
    5. Conference at Dartmouth Discussion
      • In March this conference is using Council as the focus of their conference. They are going to come to a meeting and then they want to have a presentation about the history of Council and then Restorative Practices as a Case Study
      • Looking for people to help plan this conference
    6. New School Space Discussion
      • The discussion about the new space is including a discussion about Council needing to have its own meeting space and hoping to form a committee of students to give input to the design process of such a space
      • The computer renderings created so far are really cool and everyone should check them out
      • We should have Council represented talking about the needs for Council
      • There is no set problem for this project
      • Important to have an Ad Hoc with underclassmen to carry on the project
      • If you are interested actually reach out and don’t expect others to do it
      • Council has shifted around trying to find a space where people can eat but we can also sit in circle and hear everyone and an ongoing problem has been the inability to find such a space
      • If you are interested email Mr. Stokoe and copy a member of leadership
    7. Meeting Adjourned