Minutes 1.4.17/Agenda 1.25.17

Post date: Jan 31, 2017 3:55:19 PM

Agenda 1.25.17

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Midterm Exam Debrief Discussion
    4. 2nd Semester Council Goals - Unmoderated Caucus (Small Groups)
    5. 2nd Semester Council Goals - Discussion (Reconvene)
    6. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 1.4.17

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it” -Chinese Proverb

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • Mod: The Superintendent candidates may come by but say hi if you see them
      • A-Mod: Hopefully we will have AOB at the next regular meeting in three weeks or so
      • Treasurer: Council Fund: $5,816.04, Co-Curricular: $5,013.
      • Secretary: There is a typo on the date of the printed version of the minutes but it has been corrected. Staff alternate can vote.
      • Student Life: Planned first shadowing trip
      • SAC: Worked on ceremony honoring an old Council member
      • Curriculum: Worked on Curric survey coming out around the semester change
      • OEC: Worked on Handbook motion coming today
      • Admin: Worked on MLK celebrations
      • Inclusivity: Getting ready for presentation on first day of semester
    3. Shadowing Bylaw Revision

“I move to add to the responsibilities of Public Relations Person in the Council bylaws under Article V, section F“Is responsible for organizing a school visit designed to inform Council members about practices at other schools at least twice a year”; Add to the responsibilities of Student Life Committee under Article VII, Section H, Subsection 2 of the Council Bylaws “To support the Public Relations Person in organizing school visits designed to inform Council members about practices at other schools.” ; Add under Article III, Section A, Subsection 2, Sub Point b of the Council Bylaws in the Membership Section

“All members are recommended to participate in at least one school visit organized by the Public Relations Person and Student Life Committee. This will help to inform Council members about practices at other schools.”

      • Put together based off of the previous discussions we have had in Council about this
      • Anyone can participate but the planning and wording is specific to Council because it is going into the bylaws
      • Motion Passes (Handcount: 36 yay, 1 nay, 1 abstention)
    • OEC Handbook Revision

I move to make the following changes to the Handbook...Under the heading “Introduction to the Handbook” insert the phrase “Hanover High School” in front of the first appearance of “Handbook”; strike “Hanover High School Policies” and replace it with “school practices”; replace the phrase “a democratic school” with “our democratic school”; Under the heading “Delayed Opening” strike the phrase “ Alertnow” and replace it with “automated phone call”; strike “and children dismissed only at the discretion of their parents or other responsible adults”; Under the heading “Lunch” strike “can snack and eat” and replace it with the word “may eat” and strike “or during an x hour”; strike “a teacher demonstrates that eating in class creates a danger” and replace it with “prohibited for reasons of safety or subject matter”; Under the heading “Unscheduled Time” replace “appropriate” with “recommended”; replace “the school can” with “HHS may”; replace “parents can also” with “parents may”; Under the heading “Activity Periods” strike “Thursday” from the list of days with Activity Period” and after “11:15 am” add a sentence reading “On Thursdays that time will be used for Common Ground meetings and on Wednesday there is an extended unscheduled period during which Council meets from 10:15 a.m to 11:00 a.m”; Under the heading “Common Ground” strike “promote the ideal that” and replace it with “provide”; strike “can have” and replace with “with”; strike “belonging to”; Under the heading “Schedule Conflict” pluralize “conflict”; strike “by getting” and replace it with “through the use of”; strike “resolve” and replace it with “resolution”; strike “from a guidance counselor” and replace with “available in Guidance”; Under “Suggestions for Juniors and Seniors” strike “New Hampshire Educational Improvement and Assessment Program (NHEIAP) tests all NH sophomores in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, given in May”; Under “Section 4: School Governance” strike “Curriculum Committee” and replace it with “Committee on Instruction”; Under the heading “Class Committees” replace “he/she” with “they”; Under the heading “Committee on Instruction” replace bullet three with “Approval of all additions, deletions, and substantive changes of courses listed in the Program of Studies”

      • Came from Administration and were compiled by OEC
      • Most are small changes such as things that are no longer in practice, small changing to reflect current policy, and grammatical changes
      • “I move to change ‘available in guidance’ to ‘avalible in Counseling Services”
        • Guidance is changing its name
        • Guidance is mentioned in other places in the Handbook and that change can be brought in a later part for OEC
        • Amendment Passes
      • Motion Passes
    • Mental Health Goldenrods Discussion
      • The purpose of getting a Goldenrod is to participate in extracurriculars after school
      • A mental health day should not be taken off from school in order to later participate in activities after school
      • We could clarify the language about absences and calling students out from school rather than altering the Goldenrod
      • It is weird if parents are calling in for mental health days and saying their student are physically sick
      • If we parse out the type of sickness, that might violate a student’s right to policy
      • We could just put in the Handbook that students can be called out for mental health days but not forced to report that when parents do call in
      • If students can come to after-school activities after taking a mental health day it makes it difficult for teachers or coaches who might be asked why that student was allowed to participate and be pressured to violate a student’s privacy
      • Parents now are not forced to give details about why their student is out
    • Mascot Discussion
      • The Hanover High Mascot is violent and this isn’t about bringing a motion but just having a discussion about how people interact and view our mascot because to maraude means
      • “to roam in search of things to steal or people to attack” and that seems to run against the spirit of the school
      • There was a discussion years ago in Council and some people were very opposed on the basis of tradition
      • It could be changed to something that still has a pirate symbol
      • When Dartmouth changed their mascot, they kept old apparel and symbols to show history
      • Pirates and marauders have the connotation of raping and pillaging and that isn’t the first thing that people think of when they come to Hanover but we don’t really want that as the basepoint for our school
      • There were times when sports teams were using an inappropriate term with reference to the mascot which is not acceptable
    • Meeting Adjourns