Minutes 2.15.17/Agenda 3.1.17

Post date: Mar 8, 2017 2:23:06 AM

Agenda 3.1.17

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Community Service Graduation Requirement Motion
    4. Notes and New Business

Minutes 2.15.17

“If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you” -Steve Jobs

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • Mod: Thanks for making Council a priority given trying to reschedule things around snow days.
      • A-Mod: Committee chairs, try to outline a plan for the remaining year.
      • Treasurer: Accounts haven’t changed
      • Secretary: Staff, Freshmen, and Junior alternate can vote.
      • SL: Looking at teaching/bioshelter to get input about priorities for the space to outline the layout with a consideration to Council. Working on visit to Souhegan High School for March 27th.
      • SAC: Winter Carnival is on Friday and event placements were sent out last night.
      • Curric: The survey was sent out and we will be looking at that data
      • OEC: worked on Handbooks and outlined the schedule for spring Council elections
      • Observances: Met last week and are planning to meet with the school’s attorney and send out a survey to gather information.
      • Service: Met with Mrs. Good to discuss the YIA perspective as YIA operates completely independently from the high school including their budget.
    3. Council Executive Application Details
      • Need a new Exec for Council who can commit to Monday morning Exec Meetings, Wednesday Council, checking in with committees, and other floating meetings. The position receives a compensation of $3,000 per year and it can go to a community member or a staff member not on Council.
    4. Money Allocation: SAC Winter Carnival supplies

“I move to allocate $200 to the Student Activities Committee from Council”

      • Will cover supplies for activities for Winter Carnival that will be used in future years
      • Expected to be a cost closer to $150 and whatever money is not spent will not be taken from the Council fund
      • Motion Passes
    • Community Service Graduation Requirement Motion
      • “I move to amend the motion: 1. add "at least" before "10 hours of community service", 2. strike "Each student is required to participate in 10 hours of community service per full year of HHS attendance.", and add "By graduation, students will have totaled 10 hours of community service per full year of HHS attendance.", 3. strike "and" and change to "or", 4. An amendment that defines the word "organization", 5. strike "; students can use Youth In Action or other external platforms", 6. strike "for Youth In Action and no more than one other organization" and add "through Youth In Action and/or for other organizations", 7. Strike the clause "others or", 8. Replace all uses of the word "organization" with "nonprofit organization"
        • Amendment Passes
      • YIA fundraises and hires a director on its own without much support from HHS
      • YIA supports the requirement because it increases participation but is concerned about the complications of recording it through YIA both logistically and potentially legally. YIA wants it to be as simple as possible to start and then we can expand it later depending on how it works later, especially because some people feel that this isn’t a YIA responsibility but a school one.
      • This would start in the fall of 2017 if it could be worked out logistically at this point
      • When there was the old requirement the school was using a terrible software and new technology might make it easier to record
      • This motion could marginalize students from a lower socioeconomic status who need to work or students who have special programming
      • Needs staff input and support if there is an expectation of staff action
      • Given that there are so many parties involved (staff, YIA, administration, Council) it would be better to send it to committees for consensus to be reached
      • “I move to refer this motion to the Service Ad Hoc Committee”
        • The motion needs more research to answer some of the questions about the involvement of YIA
        • The committee is continuing to look at this motion but Council should be discussing wording and raising questions for the committee to later look at
        • We cannot answer the questions about involvement of YIA until we know what we are proposing they become involved in
        • Straw Poll on, assuming the logistics are worked out, how many people would support a ten hour community service requirement: overwhelming support for mandate
        • The committee is capable of laying out the details and answering some of those questions
        • The amendment we passed today, it is the more complicated version and the originally version was the more simple version
        • Referring it is a way to avoid the work
        • There are overarching questions about the ideal as a whole that Council has not yet come to a consensus about those ideas and the ideal as a whole and we have a duty to do so
    • Meeting Adjourns