Minutes 3.22.17/Agenda 3.29.17

Post date: Apr 12, 2017 1:05:00 AM

Agenda 3.29.17

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Tom Hanlon Nominations
    4. Rainbow Alliance Money Allocation ($300)
    5. Exec J-Com Duties Part 2 Bylaw Notification
    6. Community Service Graduation Requirement Motion
    7. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 3.22.17

“ I’ve always believed that if you took one tenth the energy you put into complaining and applied it to solving the problem, you’d be surprised by how well things can work out.” -Randy Pausch

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • Mod: Thank you for everyone involved in making March Intensive a success
      • Treasurer: Co-curricular: $5,013.03, Council Fund: $5,753.29 but it could have dropped up to $500 after the Quiz Bowl withdrawal
      • Secretary: Senior and Staff Alternate can Vote
      • PR: Students from Lebanon High School coming next week
      • SL: Trip planned to visit Souhegan High School on Monday April 10th and if anyone is interested in coming contact a member of SL.
      • SAC: Compiled a list for next year's Winter Carnival and started setting up budget forms
      • Admin: Ready to present Skip Bean Awards for next week and started looking at updating the outdated cellphone policy
      • Curric: Worked on presentation of survey data
      • OEC: Now working on compiling motion of Handbook edits
      • Inclusivity: Planning to have Outright VT to come and speak for a day to staff and the school
      • Observances: Sent out a survey on observances with interesting data that we are considering presenting at a staff meeting
      • Service: Not on the staff meeting agenda this afternoon but we are for next week
    3. March Conference Update
    4. Student Life Money Allocation ($300)

“I move to allocate $300 to Student Life for the field trip”

      • Using school van for about 188 miles at $0.54 per mile plus about $46 in gas and so the $300 should be a safe estimate
      • Motion Passes
    • Exec Duties Bylaw Revision

I move to add the following point to Article IV, Section A of the Council Bylaws…’will serve to

evaluate the work of the Judiciary Committee at least once each year and report its finding to the


      • Taking wording from the J-Com Section of the Handbook and adding it to the Exec section to increase clarity
      • Motion Passes
    • Revised Athletics Over Break Motion
      • (From last week)“I move to amend the final sentence to read: ‘If for extenuating circumstances, the coach feels they cannot abide by this policy for a particular break, they must appeal to the Athletic Director and the Principal.’”
        • (From last week) “I move to amend the amendment by adding ‘at least two weeks ahead of the recommended change’ to the end”
          • With last minute weather changes it is unnecessary and confuses the motion more despite encouraging planning ahead
          • Amendment to the Amendment Fails
        • This is a good balance of power but it might be good to do something to encourage them to request it early so the coaches know the Administration is considering that
        • “I move to add ‘as early as possible’ after the word ‘Principal’”
          • Amendment to the Amendment Passes
        • Amendment Passes
      • Sundays shouldn’t count as one of the consecutive days and we should be adding to that
      • Sundays aren’t actually required to be off in the Handbook
      • “I move to amend the motion to include April Break as having three consecutive days off”
        • April had three consecutive days in the original motion and February was shortened giving proximity to playoffs and the number of breaks already in the winter sports season
        • April is also when families tend to go to look at colleges
        • April breaks was as two because it is similar length to the breaks that already have two
        • April break can be the first times that teams are getting out on the field and when the first games of the season are scheduled which makes it a challenge to prepare for those first games
        • Most sports are already playing as many games as they can and could cut one or two games to ease up on the schedule
        • In the case of short time practicing actually on the field there can be an appeal made
        • Lets not try to make it a policy where exceptions have to be requested all the time, exceptions should be for exceptional cases
        • Amendment Passes
      • The Sunday policy has been an Athletic Department Policy so there was one day picked so there would be a day the whole family would be off if there were children playing different sports and the rule has been waived this year
      • There was so much pushback against this idea last year and so we should keep the motion small for now so that the idea can pass. If we push for too many days this policy won’t work and it is important that it does work. It is better that this version is implemented now and then more days can be added later or we can make it so Sundays don’t count later after we have the first step
      • This motion has passed trying to codify current practice but it is important that Council has something the entire community can get behind
      • Motion Passes
    • Community Service Graduation Requirement Motion
      • Students in Serbia were shocked that we didn’t have a community service graduation requirement
      • It should be modified to be more inclusive of other types of service. It is more important that we honor all service even if a few students take advantage of a system that is harder to verify
      • Many people in Common Ground were against in but because they didn’t want to do the work so it is going have to be introduced the right way with education
      • If we pass it without education people won’t understand it and there will be more backlash
      • YIA is trying to be very open to all different types of things that students want to do so all types of service are included
      • The wording is slightly confusing if it is ten hours each year or just in total ten hours for every year at HHS
      • Education can come from the Service Committee on the requirement and how to fulfill it but also what good community service looks like
    • Meeting Adjourns