Minutes 5.3.17/Agenda 5.10.17

Post date: May 9, 2017 2:57:39 PM

Agenda 5.10.17

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Exec Approval
    4. Poster Bylaw Notification
    5. Money Allocation: Weight Room
    6. Money Allocation: Circus Zambia
    7. Money Allocation: Co-Curricular Money Transfer
    8. Community Service Ad Hoc Renewal
    9. Continue conversation eco-space
    10. Cell phone discussion
    11. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 5.3.17

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • Mod: Please sign up for Staff Appreciation Week and a reminder email will be sent out. Please try to be concise because we want as many people to speak as possible
      • A-Mod: Be concise and respectful of other’s opinions
      • Secretary: Staff alternate can vote
      • SAC: Working on budgets
      • OEC: The deadline for Council nomination forms have been extended and poster approvals have started
      • Treasurer: Co-curricular: $5,013.03, Council Fund: $5,645.42. The Co-Curricular fund suggests the Inter-GAY-lactic money allocation has not been taken
      • Inclusivity: Meeting with Outright Vermont
      • Service: We would like a vote on this as a committee so we can have a chance to get prepared for next year if it passes so it can be implemented. There will be a statement in the Broadside reflecting the committee sentiments on the motion.
      • SL: Have been working on new building which will have two parts: the first is a natural ecology space focusing on sustainability and the second is the human ecology space, a democratic meeting space. It would all be privately funded. There would be accompanied curricular changes to integrate sustainability and there would be a classroom space. At least one part would be a passive solar building. If you have comments or questions please contact the committee.
    3. Community Service Graduation Requirement Motion
      • “I move to limit maximum speaking time of 2 minutes for this discussion”
        • The current time limit is ¼ of our Council period which is absurd
        • Motion Passes
      • Mass service days could be implemented to allow students who will have a harder time with the requirement an opportunity to do so
      • YIA makes it complicated for a lot of people
      • YIA raises sustainability questions and this gives the YIA director a lot of power
      • Council members are voted to be representative of the school
      • Encourages students to might not make time on their own and gives students an appreciation for the benefits of service
      • YIA helps make this more efficient and takes away a large burden being on a single group like guidance and fear of potential future changes in YIA shouldn’t condemn this motion, especially given that HHS staff are on the board and have a large influence on the group
      • Teams can go out and do service together and that can count and we have a committee trying to make service more accessible for everyone
      • There are a lot of walkable service locations from the school and people can make blankets and have someone else delivery them and that can count
      • “I move to strike the wording of the current motion and to replace it with to establish a day during each quarter of the school year as a Community Service Day and make Community Service Days part of the the Hanover High School Curriculum.”
        • Amendment is ruled as not a friendly amendment
      • The spirit of this motion is good and we have spent a lot of time improving the wording and we can always go back and make changes later but if we vote it down now that is the end of it
      • We won’t know how much support students need or how much the other concerns need to be addressed until the motion is in effect and we have all these groups and committees that are going to be looking at this motion to see how it can be better
      • It seems that a lot of the negative feedback is just from people who don’t want to take the time to complete the requirement
      • Council is a representative democracy and you are obligated to vote your conscious, if you think it will improve the school you should vote for it
      • Motion Passes
    4. Meeting Adjourns