Minutes 6.1.16/Agenda 6.8.16

Post date: Jun 8, 2016 2:23:58 AM

Agenda 6.8.16

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Skip Bean Democratic Citizens Award
    4. Leadership Committee Motion
    5. OEC Bylaw Revision
    6. Gender Ad-Hoc Committee
    7. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 6.1.16

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value” -Albert Einstein

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • Moderator: Committee assignments were sent out. If you don’t know what committee you are on come and see me.
      • A-Mod: Unfortunately there will not be a Council Picnic because of problems finding a space and chaperones. There is a poll up for the date of the retreat and we are thinking Monday August 29th later in the day to avoid conflicts with sports.
      • Treasurer: Bringing a new money allocation today. The prizes money was allocated for last week were given out. If you are involved with any Council reimbursement this year make sure you keep the receipt.
      • Secretary: Missing the upcoming freshman class but no alternates can vote.
      • DSB: Let’s have a productive meeting today.
      • PR: Advertise the grill in your Common Ground.
    3. Money Allocation

“I move to allocate up to $50 for the Student Life Club Award”

      • The money will be used to throw a party for the club that Student Life has selected to honor as club of the year and it is up to $50 because we are not sure exactly how much they will use
      • The club that has been picked by Student Life is confidential
      • This award came out of the Council discussion about improving the Underclassmen Awards
      • Motion Passes
    • Renew Restorative Practices Ad-Hoc

“I move to extend the Restorative Practices Ad-Hoc for another year”

      • Restorative Practices oversees the implementation of the Restorative Practices Program by increase awareness and making sure everything's running smoothly
      • The committee was set for a certain number of years and at this point there is more work given that the program was just expanded to cases that don’t involved the AIP
      • Having students on this committee raises awareness and understanding about the program which is very important
      • This committee has been really important to help tweak the program
      • Motion Passes
    • Gender Motion

I move that Hanover High School implements the following rules and policies under Section 8

(HHS Student Policies and Responsibilities) in the student handbook under its own subsection

titled “Gender Inclusivity” with the following subsections…”

      • Enforcement Section
        • The enforcement section only applies to deliberate violations of this policy and that is not made clear in this section
        • The intent should be implied in the legislation
        • This sets a precedent that will make the handbook to cumbersome
        • There is space in the handbook to spell out rules about laser-pointers so there is space to have clarification on such an important issue
        • Motion Passes
    • Committee Meetings
    • Leadership Committee Motion

“I move to reconsider a hasty vote on the Leadership Committee Motion”

    • At the time we didn’t hear any dissenting opinions
    • So many people were in favor of it at the time that it didn’t seem hasty and we can always pass another motion
    • We voted on this motion with a minute left in the period and people yielded their time thinking that we were going to adjourn and people abstained saying the vote was hasty
    • This is more efficient that trying to come back with a new motion
    • Motion Passes

“I move to strike the clause “Serves on the Administrative committee” from Article V, section A,

point 3 and substitute the clause “Chooses preferred committees with the rest of the body.”

Additionally, point 3 in Article V, section E, reading “Will be a member of the Curriculum

Committee” will be struck and will substitute to read “Chooses preferred committees with the

rest of the body.” Point 3 in Section F of Article V reading "Will be a member of the Student Life

Committee" will be amended to read "Is highly recommended to be a member of the Student Life


      • If someone’s historical experience is needed for a committee issue it is easy for them to attend a meeting
      • Cross-fertilization is a good thing because it brings in different experiences
      • PR and DSB are assigned to committees that make sense for them
      • Putting two members of leadership on a single committee takes away a place from a newer member who can offer a new perspective
      • Leadership is assigned to certain committees for a reason and we should trust the process
      • There is no guarantee that future leaderships won’t unbalance committees
      • It is arbitrary where leadership members are placed because there are many leaders on Council and leadership members often have less time to dedicate to committee work so we should put people where they fit best
      • We trust future Councils so we should trust them to elect responsible leadership
    • Meeting Adjourns