Minutes 6.7.17/Agenda 9.6.17.

Post date: Sep 6, 2017 1:44:28 PM

Agenda 9.6.17

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • Retreat
      • Goals
      • Common Ground Recycling
      • Committee Responsibilities
    3. Committee Selection
    4. Environmental Sustainability Discussion
    5. Ad Hoc Committee Sign Ups
    6. Parking Amendment
    7. New Attendance Policy
    8. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 6.7.17

“Originality is the fine art of remembering what you heard but forgetting where you heard it”

- Laurence J. Peter

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • A-Mod: Yearly Council retreat before the beginning of school. Huntley Meadows, late afternoon, August 28th (the day before freshman orientation). Will send out official time later. Good opportunity especially for new members.
      • Treasurer: Council Fund: $7,194.23. $400 not taken out for checks yet, will go down over the summer. Co-curricular Fund: $0. Supposed to get $13,500 over summer. Will go down $7,875 if Co-curricular budget passed.
      • Secretary: No alternates can vote.
      • SAC: Coming with 2017-18 Co-curricular budget.
      • Service: Waiting on Mr. Campbell’s decision.
    3. 2017/18 Co-curricular Budget
      • Consists of requested budget for each club for 2017-18 year. Met with all clubs individually. All clubs turned in forms with how much they were allocated last year, what they done, if they fundraised, what they wanted to do last year.
      • Quizbowl: Allocated does not match requested. Turned in detailed list that consisted of some activities that were not definite. If team needs more money as the year goes on as team advances through competitions, can come forward with request at time of need. Factored several “what if” scenarios. Requested money amount is optimistic.
      • Weight Room: Is in Co-curricular because formed like a club with staff advisor and student representatives. Formatted the same way as any other extracurricular activity in the high school. Goal to expand fitness in the school. Came forward with presentation.
      • If club money is not used by the end of the year, will be rolled over into next year.
      • Broadside: Fewer expenses this year because mostly online publications. Originally requested a lot of money at the beginning. Realized that plan want to go more digital. Could do 1 to 2 prints a year, $400-500 dollars. With balance they currently have, have enough money to do that.
      • “I move to pass the 2017-18 Co-curricular Budget.”
      • Motion Passes
      • Abstentions: In the future, would like for budget to be presented earlier with rationale for each club for requested money.
    4. Staff of the Year Money Allocation
      • “I move to allocate $20 for Staff of the Year.”
      • Gift certificate bought for Staff of the Year.
      • Motion Passes
    5. Homework Accommodation for Observant Students Motion
      • “I move to add under the new subheading Observance Policy to Section Eight of the Handbook underneath the subsection Planned Absences- Prior Notification the following language:

Students who mark on their goldenrod ‘Religious Holiday’ as their reason for absence will have the equivalent number of days that they are absent to make up their missed work (as per the current policy) plus one extra day.”

      • Clear that there is a problem with current Goldenrod system. Students are not able to comply with demands of both schoolwork and faith. Problem of lack of “space” at HHS for religion-- certain attitudes and secular society of Hanover makes it difficult for students. Has full support of Mr. Campbell. Abides by Constitution, is fair and inclusive, good first step in cultural shift.
      • Current policy: if you miss one day, you get one day to make up work; if you miss two days, you get two days to make up work, etc. This motion applies to not just religious holidays, but observances as well. Added an extra day because a student misses one day completely for observances. Students who celebrate holidays either have to do homework on the holiday or have double the homework on the next day. Motion adds an extra day because a student misses one complete day for observances, and spreads out homework load among more days.
      • The system has the potential to be exploited; should be dealt with on an individual one-on-one basis.
      • There are many situations where a student may not be able to do their homework besides for observances. The school schedule is flexible in giving free time to allow students to observe their religions.
      • There is the possibility that students may abuse this system, but there are students who are already abusing other systems such as Open Campus. One-on-one discussion is difficult with current policy to get homework done. Could think about applying this motion to all instances of absence.
      • The only way to gain a Goldenrod is by parental permission, so it would be difficult to exploit. There is no harm in passing this motion; it would only help students who are being affected by the current policy.
      • The motion brings practice in line with policy. The motion is minimally invasive and can be seamlessly incorporated. Policy based on fear of one or two people abusing it is poor policy. The only consequence for a student who abuses this motion is one extra day to do homework. Some teachers are difficult to communicate with if a student misses school for any reason.
      • Motion Passes
      • Abstentions: Would like for it to state “Observances” instead of “Religious Holiday” as option on the Goldenrod.
    • Goal Setting
      • Took an inordinate amount of time to pass motions because of miscommunication between Council and the student body. Time to talk about Council in Common Grounds immediately is important for passing motions and to prevent lag. Students are unaware of minutes and other ways to understand Council meetings without attendance.
      • To reinforce and improve March Intensive.
      • To have a discussion about creativity at Hanover High School and it’s curriculum, through conversation or legislative acts. Last years leadership felt they entered Hanover High School with more creativity than they left with.
      • To create more school community structures to bring the school together. Only current one is Common Ground which is not effective.
      • To bring in more speakers to Council. Could possibly speak to general inclusivity. Lots of talk about entitlement of students in the school during the community service motion.
      • To come up with more creative ways to get the message across to the students. Possibly using the TV in the atrium along with others ways to communicate with the student body on a few different levels.
      • Many of the motions comes with a cultural shift. Important to align our curriculum practices with the goals established by the motions.
      • Last March, Hanover High School was invited to participate in the conversation surrounding student voices and student governance. President of the New Hampshire Civics Education has invited students and staff to advise workshops for next year due to being impressed with Council and student voice within Hanover High. Day of the workshop is either August 15th, 16th , or 17th from 11AM to 2PM. Looking for two students to participate in helping plan the workshops on school voice and community. Contact Linda Addante if interested. Also another opportunity for three day workshop in 2018.
    • Meeting Adjourns