Minutes 6.8.16/Agenda 9.7.16

Post date: Sep 8, 2016 1:07:16 AM

Agenda 9.7.16

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Roll Call Bylaw Notification
    4. Homework Communication Motion
    5. Notes & New Business

Council Minutes 6.8.16

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • Moderator: Last meeting before summer. I hope committees went well.
      • A-Mod: Committees seemed to be going well. Thanks for electing chairs. I will be sending out attendance Google Docs to all the Chairs to keep attendance.
      • Treasurer: The money allocation for the Club of the Year Award will be finalized Friday.
      • Secretary: Rising Senior Alternate can vote
      • Curric: Decided on interim chairs of Chessie Newbold and Elizabeth Napier until we can meet next year and discussed goals.
      • Student Life: Elected Georgia Sparks Chair and Patrick Logan Vice-Chair and talked about goals and field trips for next year.
      • Student Activities: We elected Co-Chairs of Aisling and Emmie and talked about goals.
      • OEC: Elected Henry Kahl Chair. From last year’s OEC we have the OEC bylaw revisions coming today.
      • Admin: We elected Catherine Han Chair and talked about goals for next year
      • Nick Beard: We had a bunch of new letters come in so we have posted two and have two more to go up. If anyone is interesting in serving on this committee email Henry.
    3. Leadership Committee Motion
      • It doesn’t make sense because there is a danger of members wanting to be on the same committee
      • If you think you have the personality type or interest in a committee you should be able to serve on that
      • From experience of being on a committee with two members of leadership on it, one member was more committed than the other and the majority of committee work was done by the non-leadership members of the committee
      • It puts the moderator in a bad position because they have final say over whose is on which committee and it is hard to decide between fellow leadership members
      • Past moderators have said it's very important for the Moderator to be on Admin
      • This motion does not require two members of leadership on one committee, although it could theoretically happen, it was designed to create fluidity
      • Motion Fails
    4. OEC Bylaw Revision

“I move to amend the bylaws in the following manner as outlined in the motion

      • These changes are movements to reflect current practice, moving tasks to the positions where they make the most sense, clarifying advisors for class committees, and a grammatical change
      • OEC worked really hard on this and should be trusted
      • New and tuition students were capped at two because in practice it has been to have one or two because of the limit on the number of old Council members
      • We could have more than 1 or 2 new/tuition student reps this year
      • Motion Passes
    • Gender Ad Hoc Committee

“I move to create an Ad Hoc Committee consisting of representatives from Council, allies of the HHS Rainbow Alliance, and members of the community at large which will be called the Gender Inclusivity Committee and will strive to educate the school community about the gender motion. The GIC will raise awareness of the new gender inclusivity section of the HHS handbook in conjunction with the administration.”

      • During discussion of the gender motion there were many comments about educating the public about the gender motion and answering questions that might arise when the motion is implemented
      • The goal of this committee is educated people about the motion more so than the ideas behind the motion or an evaluation of the motion
      • Ad Hoc Committees are automatically established for a year
      • I would like more clarification about the goal of the committee
      • Motion Passes
    • Notes and New Business

“I move to initiate a discussion about the possibility of only using roll call voting when a member of the body calls for a roll call vote”

    • The roll call vote was brought as a whole series of motions to maximize Council accountability and the way we are doing it now is fairly well optimized where we only have roll calls for larger motions
    • It is nice to have a voting record rather than just a group of voices and then it’s gone
    • This diminishes the flow and productivity of Council but there are motions where it isn’t useful or productive to go through the procedure
    • This motion leaves the ability to record important votes at the request of a single member
    • A motion might cause interest outside of Council even if Council doesn’t see the motion as controversial and I would hate that said person would not be able to find a voting record
    • For motions that we think people care about deserve roll calls but there are motions that people outside Council don’t care about like bylaw changes
    • There needs to be a balance between accountability and transparency
    • Currently anyone can request a suspension of rules to hold a vocal vote rather than a roll call but that requires its own vocal vote
    • At least one person on Council should have the sense to call for a roll call if it would be necessary
    • I am worried that eventually people will stop calling for a roll call in future Councils and it is very important