Minutes 9.28.16/Agenda 10.5.16

Post date: Oct 11, 2016 6:17:27 PM

Agenda 10.5.16

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. March Intensive Service Integration Motion
    4. Gender Motion Missing Piece
    5. Plastic Water Bottle Discussion
    6. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 9.28.16

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” -Albert Einstein

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • Moderator: Missing the first bit of the meeting because of a JCOMM Meeting. Welcome Suzanne McDowell as our new community rep. New staff please message me committee requests; the committees will be finalized by the end of the day. Nick Beard Committee: Amy Good, Lucas Blackmore, Jasper Meyer. Please raise your hand at any time if you wish to be put on the speaker’s list.
      • Secretary: A spreadsheet of roll calls from this Council year was added to the website after the discussion last week. Reminder that hyperlinked names of motions on the webpage bring you to the wording of the motion, any amendments that were made, authorship speeches, and the roll-call record. Also look at the linked relevant minutes for each motion to trace the history.
      • Treasurer: Council Fund: $5,866.04, Co-Curricular Fund: $4,600. The discrepancies in club funding have been fixed. Co-Curricular Fund will increase as funds from dormant clubs go into the account
      • DSB: Met to go over first draft of budget but also discussed how Restorative Practices could be implemented for areas other than Academic Dishonesty. Attribute about 500% increase in Academic Dishonesty cases being reported in the past year to RP. Also discussed the March Intensive Service Integration Motion.
      • Student Life: Bringing back Roll Call Motion
      • Curric: Went over Homework Communication Motion
      • Admin: Discussed possible bylaw change on Staff of the Month Award
      • OEC: Elections are completed
      • SAC: Quidditch has been approved
      • JCOMM: Staff JCOMM elections will be held later this week.
    3. Revised Homework Communication Motion
      • I move to add “Students would have the option to add their names to the check-ins if they feel that anonymity is unnecessary” as a fifth goal in the motion.”
        • Amendment comes from Curric after discussion last week
        • Adds an anonymity based on student discretion rather than teacher discretion so it maintains anonymity for students who want it
        • Amendment Passes
      • It adds another duty for teachers for semester classes that already have frequent check ins when students already have ways to communicate that information anonymously such as through guidance
      • With recommendation to pass from Curric, Motion Passes
    4. Revised Bylaw Roll Call Motion

“I move to amend point C in article XI to read, ‘Main Motion Voting: All main motions will be

conducted with a hand count vote and the record of the vote will be posted on the council bulletin board. Roll call is required for handbooks revisions and money allocations of $500 and above.’”

      • Compromise worked out in Student Life that maintains a level of accountability and keeps roll call votes in the institutional memory so people will request votes while increasing Council efficiency
      • Roll call encourages members to think about their votes and have justification
      • Of the nine roll call votes we have conducted this year, four would still require roll call under this motion
      • Handbook motions are what people will be interested in the voting record for
      • This is an elegant compromise, especially given that Council is more accountable now with this period
      • Maintains the awareness of accountability and the value of roll call without the time burden required for roll call
      • Motions we are eliminating use of roll call for are very minor
      • Motion Passes
    • Student Handbook Name Change Motion

“I move to rename the The Hanover High School Student Handbook to The Hanover High School


      • When teachers and parents have questions they are referred to the handbook
      • It seems unnecessary to put all the content from the student handbook also into the faculty handbook, which contains information about when to show up for work and other staff specific things
      • Everyone is under the content of the handbook and it should be their first resource
      • It is a handbook for the community and this makes it clear
      • Message in the staff handbook would say that staff are responsible for knowing the content of the general handbook because staff don’t always know the content of the “Student” version
      • Staff and parents should also be aware of things targeted at students
      • Motion passes
    • March Intensive Service Integration Motion

“I move to recommend all March Intensive courses to integrate a service component

into their objectives by the year 2018.”

      • Just a recommendation because I am more interested in the discussion
      • A service component can be a tiny thing related to the preexisting actions of the group that can help others outside the group
      • A gradual process that changes the face of march intensive so it makes students more active in the community
      • Training for a job like the lifeguarding would count
      • Many travel march intensives already integrate a service component
      • May lead to addition of an ineffective pseudo-service component and we should boost community service projects rather than trying to bend the program to fit it
      • Expectation is not to have 100% of the courses doing this, just to increase percentage
      • Use what you do in march intensive to make a difference
      • What about the academic march intensives
      • There are march intensives where people do nothing but watch movies and that’s where there should be a shift in the program
    • Meeting Adjourns