Minutes 9.6.17/Agenda 9.13.17.

Post date: Sep 22, 2017 5:40:46 AM

Agenda 9.13.17

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Bylaw Notification
    4. Attendance Policy
    5. Cell Phone Discussion
    6. Notes and New Business

Council Minutes 9.6.17

“Anyone can do any amount of work provided it isn’t the work he is supposed to be doing at the moment” -Robert Benchley

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
      • Mod: Welcome back! Hope to accomplish some of the goals addressed, including increasing communication and accessibility of Council.
      • A-Mod: Thank you everybody who came to the retreat! Hope it was helpful, especially for new members.
      • Treasurer: Council fund = $6,584.29, but will go down $283.68 dollars for basketball hoop approved last year. Co-curricular fund = $5,700, information about the distribution of money is on the Club spreadsheet shared with everyone from the last meeting of the ‘16-’17 school year.
      • DSB: Mr. Campbell discussed Community Service Motion and said he needed more time. If he had to choose now, would veto because he needs to figure out staffing, budgeting, and technicalities. Discussed late start to school and approved committee to look at that possibility. Changed graduation date to 15th.
      • Secretary: No alternates can vote.
      • Common Ground Recycling: Recycling is done on Thursdays during Common Ground. Historically, Council has been a big supporter for the recycling program. Council asked how they could support the program, decided each Council member in a Common Ground would take on the responsibility of overseeing some system that makes sure recycling bins get emptied. Found in last couple years that this has waned. Asking if Council members would still take on that responsibility. Strawpoll: All are in favor.
    3. Committee Selection
      • Everyone will put down their top three choices for committees this Council year based on committee responsibilities outlined in bylaws and descriptions from members on committees from previous Council year. Will assign committees by the end of this week. Committees should meet next Tuesday. Meetings are every Tuesday during Activity Period for the rest of the year. Previous year committee members will describe committee responsibilities, what they did last year, and goals for coming year.
      • Admin (Administrative): Serves as a liaison between administration and Council. Responsible for planning MLK day, looking at handbook, Staff of the Year award, Skip Bean Democratic Award. Didn’t get any motions referred to last year, but are bringing a motion this year about not having cell phones in class.
      • Curric (Curriculum): Responsible for all things curriculum at the school. Last year came with Homework Communication Motion, worked on Religious Holidays Motion. Foresee working on something with Community Service, X-Periods, homework over break, incorporating environmentally sustainable methods into the curriculum.
      • OEC (Organizational Engineering): Running new and tuition student elections at beginning of year, elections for next year Council at the end of the year, revise the handbook, edit bylaws.
      • SAC (Student Activities): Spend the first few months arranging Quidditch, soccer, other fun games. Large amount of time spent preparing for Winter Carnival. After event, responsibility of fixing budgets for clubs.
      • SL (Student Life): How to make the student experience better. Last year visited another high school and saw ideas at other schools and have ideas about how to implement some new ideas at our school. Worked on Community Service a little as well.
    4. Environmental Sustainability Discussion
      • Ad-hoc would be working on bioshelter and gaining information from students to bring to architects and thinking about how Council can be more involved with compost and recycling and general environmental sustainability. Environmental club currently managing compost, a large task. The club is thinking about hiring a new company-- large burden for single club, ad-hoc can help with process. Main focus on bioshelter: idea to add onto the building near cafe a Council space and ecology center, making school better for sustainable learning. Needs to be student driven. Can talk to designers to student have input. Looking for people to join committee. Contact Perrin Milliken, Marion Umpleby, or Max Taxman through email if interested.
    5. Ad-Hoc Committee Sign-Ups
      • Every Council member required to be on standing committee. Meets on Tuesdays. Ad-hocs occasionally created for certain things that come to Council, such as motions and discussions. Not mandatory. Ad-hoc is related to Council, but in a way is separate. Can be created at any time, needs to be approved by Council.
      • Community Service: Responsible last year for wording the Community Service Graduation Requirement Motion. Having discussions with administration, Youth-in-Action, Dresden School Board about what that could look like. Is in hands of administration currently. This year would act as guiding hand to get student voice represented in official wording, hopefully will be passed by school board this year. Committee will likely not meet regularly now, in future as responsibilities get heavier with passing of requirement and setting up for implementation, could begin more regular meetings. Chaired by Jasper Meyer, Henry Kahl, Clay Kynor.
      • Observances: Responsible for making accommodation for religiously or otherwise observant students at the high school. Committee last year focused on homework accommodation motion for observant students, still in the works and discussed by administration. In charge of figuring out a compromise between administration, Council, and observant students.
      • Nick Beard Opinion Board: Responsible for Nick Beard Opinion Board. Only meets when an opinion has been submitted to the box. Committee meets to approve the opinion meets the criteria to be put up on the board.
    6. Parking Amendment

“I move to amend the HHS Handbook, Section V, Parking & Driving to be the following”

      • School notified by town, taking away Hovey spaces leaving school with 36 spaces at school for hardship. In response, updated parking policy to match practice and clarify. Received over 80 applications with only 36 spaces. Town stated lottery students can buy passes from town. Apparently, everyone off waiting list for town parking pass. Not much school can do.
      • Would be great for Student Life to take a look and see if policy is fair based on new town policy. May want to consider communicating with town to discuss further.
      • Not the school’s fault; is the town’s. Out of school’s control.
      • Motion Passes
    • New Attendance Policy

“I move to amend the HHS Handbook, Section V: Student Policies and Responsibilities, Attendance Policy to be the following”

      • New district policy for middle school and high school for 10, 20, 30 days. Office believes reason for absence is not important. In response removed reason for missing school on Goldenrod. Typically, 3 tardies is a cut, leading to 5 day schedule up. Wanted to try something with more options: this year students will receive tardy contract after 3 tardies. Student will communicate with teacher and have choices: make up time with teacher, meet with Dean of Students two activity periods, stay after school, 5 day schedule-up, other option made with teacher. Many students in past have resolved issue by speaking to teacher. Changed 10 to 15 minutes tardy is cut. If teachers are late 15 minutes, students can leave, so made it equal for students. Leave of absence was unclear and deleted. Teacher has to sign tardy contract so kids will have to have conversation with teacher. Do not know how to handle half-days yet. Research shows that missing more than 10% of school equates with negative results, such as greater dropout rate, depression rate, etc. Many Vermont schools have similar policy to change that would occur.
      • Concern with no marking of reason of absence on Goldenrod. Is sometimes useful for teacher to know. In different circumstances, teacher will have different expectations for makeup work. Sometimes student is uncomfortable addressing reason to teacher verbally, having on paper makes communication easier.
    • Meeting Adjourns