Agenda 4/6/16; Minutes 3/30/16

Post date: Apr 5, 2016 3:15:14 PM

Agenda 4.6.16

    1. Approval of Minutes
    2. Reports
    3. Gender Motion
    4. Notes & New Business

Council Minutes 3.30.16

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” ~Ralph Marston

Order of the Day

    1. Reports
      • Mod: Welcome to our new School Board Rep
      • A-Mod: Continuing to seek a response for Athletics over Break
      • Treasurer: $5,133.66 in Council Funds; $3,604 in co-curricular funds. Council funds will be going down by $1799 after grill money goes through
      • Secretary: Senior and Staff Alternate can vote
      • DSB: Will be taking notes on Gender motion in place of secretary, as secretary is the one who brought the motion
      • PR: Very excited to welcome so many community members today. Ms. D’Amato and Mr. Phipps are here as co-advisors of Rainbow Alliance. Reese Kelly and Michelle Kerman are here to help with Gender Motion discussion
      • SA: Handed out budget forms yesterday. Due Friday (Monday at the latest)
      • Admin: Discussed awards: Skip Bean
      • SL: Planning on sending out Student Life Survey tomorrow
      • OEC: Council Elections are coming up. If you want to run, you have to attend at least one meeting. Nomination forms due Wednesday, April 27 and Elections are Friday, May 6
      • Curric: Discussed presentation from last week; hoping to come back next week with suggestions for how to fix issues
      • RJ: Discussed new language to reflect current practices
      • COI: Discussed purpose of X periods
    • Approval of Minutes
    • Gender Motion (This section of the minutes was done by Connor Stafford)
      • Dean of Plurality at Dartmouth
        • Professor
        • Transgender male
        • Made the transition later than most - experiences are different
      • Member of Center for Gender and Student Engagement
        • Promotes gender equality
        • Educates about student sexuality, gender, anti-violence
      • We need to be aware that phrases like “be comfortable in your own skin” can be hurtful to trans individuals
      • Pronouns
        • We should keep in mind that not all students want their parents to know what pronoun they prefer
        • Other is not a great option - fill in the blank is better
        • When it comes to surveys, does gender even matter?
      • Teenagers are exploring gender
        • Can feel confused
      • This issue affects more than just trans individuals
        • What about children and opposite sex handicap assistance?
        • The sign on a bathroom door is not a lock
      • There are concerns that people will abuse this privilege
        • Being trans is hard, so it is unlikely people would pretend to be so.
      • We need to to make sure we respect everyone’s opinion.
        • Some religious groups may feel attacked
        • Is there a difference between public and school restrooms?
      • It is possible that by not doing this we are in violation of title IX and that this could be considered discrimination
        • Could open the school up to a lawsuit.
      • How would this motion effect sports and locker rooms
        • NHIAA has its own policy on this issue
      • Education is important
        • Information outside bathrooms
          • Basic information about initiative
          • Where you can go to find more
      • Middlebury college
        • Maybe only a few centrally located bathrooms need to be changed
        • Have parties in the bathroom
    • Meeting Adjourns