On this page you can find a complete list of motions that were either passed or failed by the HHS Council. Just because the Council has passed a motion, it has not necessarily been put into place. The motion also needs to be approved by the administration, also shown below. The name of the motion is linked to the wording for the motion and the roll call record, which is also available in a separate spreadsheet for the 2016-2017 Council year. The Roll Call category of the spreadsheet characterizes whether a roll call vote occurred for that motion. More information on roll call can be found in the Council bylaws. The Relevant Minutes category provides links to the notes for all the meetings during which the motion was discussed.

Roll Call Record (2020-2021)

Roll Call Record (2019-2020)

Roll Call Record (2018-2019)

Roll Call Record (2017-2018)

Roll Call Record (2016-2017)

Roll Call Record (2015-2016)

Scanned Motion Approval Forms

These forms, signed by the Council Moderator, Executive, Dean of Students, and a member of the Organizational Engineering Committee indicate that the bylaws/handbook have been changed according to the wording passed in Council.

Passed/Failed Motions

Status could be passed, vetoed, pending, referred, not applicable, no approval necessary or unknown.