The business of the Council as it involves research, fact-finding, and establishing background information, will mainly be carried on in the Council’s committees, especially the standing committees.

The importance of effective committee performance cannot be underestimated,

and the responsibility rests primarily on the committee chairs.

- Council Bylaws, Revised December 2014

Committees are essential to the work Council does. Additional information can be found in the Council Bylaws in Article VII.

Elected Council members are sorted into committees when they become part of the body. However, Council committee meetings are always open to the public (in some cases, even a non-Council member chairs a Council committee). Fill out the form below if you would like to join a Council committee.

Administrative Committee (Admin) Chairs

Theo Cook ('25)

(Room 108 on Fridays during Lunch)

Curriculum Committee (Curric) Chair

(Room 103 on Mondays during Lunch)

Organizational Engineering Committee (OEC) Chairs

Sophie Wise ('24)

(English Resource Center on Mondays during Lunch)

Student Activities Committee (SAC) Chairs

Theo Burdick ('24) + Ty Nolon* ('23)

(Room 110 on Tuesdays during Activity Period)

Student Life Committee (SL) Chairs

Locky McCann ('23)

(Room 118 on Tuesdays during Activity Period)