Council: The Why, What & How 9.13.17 drft 11.pptx

Overview Presentation about Council and Hanover High School

Interview with

Former HHS Principal Bill McCarthy

Honors Social Studies Survey Results

Honors Social Studies Resolution Survey Results (2021-2022)

HHS Council Mascot Committee Presentation (3.10.21)

HHS Council Mascot Committee Presentation (3.10.21)

Open Campus Historical Timeline

Open Campus Historical Timeline

RMS Council Information Session (2020-2021)

RMS Council Information Session (2020-2021)

HHS Elections Kickoff Presentation.ppt

Presentation on Elections Kickoff


Hanover High School Handbook (1979-1980)

Hanover High School Handbook


Restitution Presentation.pptx

HHS Presentation on Restitution


Council Democracy in Action.pdf

Article on Council (Democracy in Action) by Marilyn Blight


Council S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Field Report On The Council by Robert A. Kenny Jr.pdf

Field Report on the Hanover High Council by Robert A. Kenny Jr.

Discussion on Ethics by Professor Aine Donovan of Dartmouth College (MP3 File)

Course Evaluation Survey Report Council 2005.pdf

Curriculum Comm. Course Eval. Survey (2005)

Student Life Survey 2014-15.pdf

Student Life Comm. Survey


Student Life Committee Survey - 2015-2016

Student Life Comm. Survey


Athletics over Break Motion Data - 2015-2016

Athletics over Break Survey


HHS Lunch Committee Final Report 1999 copy.pdf

Hanover High Lunch Committee Report


Introduction to Restorative Justice (2014)

Introduction to Restorative Justice


Signed Mascot Letter from Council Staff

Signed Mascot Letter from Council Staff (2020)