- Serves as a liaison between HHS Administration and Council -

Committee Co-Chairs

Rachel Kohl ('26) + Joshua Jannisse ('26)

Meeting Time

Monday @ Lunch

(11:10 am - 11:50 am)

Meeting Place



Kavi Patel (Moderator / '24)

Rachel Kohl (Committee Co-chair / '26)

Joshua Jannisse (Committee Co-chair / '26)

Lara Acker (Community Rep)

Aryaman Bhaskar ('25)

Linda Danilek (staff)


Admin Attendance



(a) To serve as a liaison between the Administration and the Council.

(b) To develop a school characterized by trust, responsibility, and effective communication.


(a) To put Council and administrative decisions into effect.

(b) To review and approve campaign posters one week before Election Day.

(c) To keep an ongoing list of all non-procedural motions passed by the Council in a given year. This list, along with all previous lists, will be passed to the next Administrative Committee at the end of each school year.

(d) To be responsible for the Skip Bean Democratic Citizen Award.

i. The award is described as follows: “HHS prides itself on being a democratic school. As stated in the HHS mission statement, all people in the school community are encouraged to use their “hearts, minds, and voices.” Every member can share in the practice of democracy. The Skip Bean Democratic Citizen award acknowledges those who contribute every day to this democratic process.”

(e) To be responsible for the Staff Member of the Month Award.

i. The award is described as follows: “We share every day at Hanover High School with our staff members. While they are paid as administrators or teachers, many staff members go above and beyond by staying after class, sponsoring clubs, raising class money, bringing us food, or simply making us smile. As students, we receive thanks for the work we dedicate to class through quarterly reports, honor roll, and class day, yet staff members receive little formal recognition for their work."

(f) To make sure that the school-wide Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Assembly gets organized and occurs sometime in January. The committee could organize the assembly themselves, or find or create another group to do this.

(g) To be responsible for reading this statement on September 11th every year over the PA system, which would be followed by a moment of silence.

i. “_______ years ago, hijacked planes were crashed into the World Trade Centers in New York City, the Pentagon outside Washington D.C., and a field in Pennsylvania. Today we remember those who died, those who risked their lives to save others, and the families who were affected. Please take this moment to remember the events of September 11, 2001.”

(h) To work with the Associate Principal(s) each year in revising the Student Handbook, as needed.