DSB Representative

- Non-voting member and student liaison between the Council and the Dresden School Board -

1. Is responsible for attending all Dresden School Board meetings, as a non-voting member of the Board.

2. Is responsible for representing the interests of the Council to the board and the interests of the Board to the Council.

3. Will be a member of the Curriculum Committee.

4. Is responsible for establishing a working relationship with the chair of the board and the Superintendent of Schools on Dresden School Board issues.

5. Is responsible for keeping the student body current on Board issues through the school paper.

6. Presides over meetings in the absence of [the Moderator, the Assistant Moderator, the Treasurer, and the Secretary].


Recognizing its commitment to regular communication between the Board and the Hanover High School Council, the Board authorizes non-voting representation of The Council by a student.

The student representative will attend Board meetings and be responsible for presenting the interests of The Council to the Board, and bring to the Board specific proposals and items of concern.

The student representative shall receive copies of the agenda for school board meetings. The student representative may, at his or her discretion, submit written recommendations to the Board and participate in discussions at Board meetings. The Superintendent of Schools and/or the School Board Chair or his/her designee shall, within a reasonable time, comply with requests for meetings made by the student representative.

The Board will appoint one of its members to serve as the School Boardʼs representative to The Council. The Board representative will attend Council meetings as a non-voting representative.

Legal Reference: RSA 189:1-c, Student Member

Dresden Board Adopted: 28 November 1989

Recoded from BBFAB to BBBH 15 July 2009