- Runs meetings and represents Council to the school community -

1. Presides over all Council meetings.

2. Must be a veteran of at least one year of the Council.

3. Serves on the Administrative Committee.

4. Can make no motion and is not able to vote except to break a tie.

5. Meets regularly each week with the Principal to communicate Council business to the Administration with the Assistant Moderator.

6. Is responsible for representing Council and its views to the public and school community.

7. Is responsible for organizing a school-wide assembly each fall to introduce the Council and its goals to the student body.

8. Is responsible for all matters assigned to the committee and for the prompt reporting of committee business.

9. Is responsible for setting the Council’s regularly scheduled meeting time in cooperation with the Assistant Principal.

10. Is responsible for seeing that the Council meetings have a positive and business-like tone and that full discussions and airings of points of view are encouraged.

11. Is responsible for writing the “Message from the Council Moderator” for the student handbook at the end of the school year, before the Handbook’s annual revision.