2022-2023 Members

AT-LARGE Members

Hal Bourne (Staff)

Noah Brennan (Staff)

Patrick Elder ('23)

Locky McCann ('23)

Andrew McGuire ('25)

Riley McGuire ('23)

Kavi Patel ('24)

Vidushi Sharma ('23)

Sora Shirai ('23)

Josh Stearns ('24)

Sophie Wise ('24)

Devyn Wright (Staff)

Class of 2023

Jack Gardner

Mack Levy

Soren Stettenheim

Kai Doron
Stella Galanes
Nina Sablan

Class of 2024

Mia Bagnato

Theo Burdick

Anna Healey

Samuel Loescher

Shayna Rockmore

Skylar Spiro (Alternate)

Class of 2025

Theo Cook

Sophia Costa

Charlie Forbush

Minheng Liu

Claire Uiterwyk

Gus Thompson (Alternate)

Class of 2026

Benjamin Hourdequin

Joshua Janisse

Martin Mosdal

Jack Myers

Lily Stover (Alternate)

New + Tuition Students

Ellenora Cary
Eve McLaughlin

STAFF + Faculty

Tim Berube

Linda Danilek

Laura Keniston

Karen O'Hern

Beth Ryan

Sara Gendal-Wilmot (alternate)

Community members

Lara Acker
Marilyn Blight

Please email us if you would like to be a community member!

Council Executive

Dr. Linda Addante

An asterisk (*) denotes a non-elected Council member. All members of the community are eligible to be committee chairs, but they do not have voting privileges within the Council body.