Leadership / Agenda Planning

Executive Committee Chair

Zane Schiffman ('22)

Assistant Moderator

Meeting Time

Monday Morning

(7:30 am - 8:00 am)

Meeting Place

Guidance Office

First Floor


Council Officers [Executive Committee + Council Leadership]

A: Moderator - Pierce Seigne ('22)

B: Assistant Moderator - Zane Schiffman ('22)

C: Treasurer - Riley McGuire ('23)

D: Secretary - Saia Patel ('22)

E: Dresden School Board Representative - Kate McCaull ('22)

F: Public Relations Officer - Lily Versteeg ('22)

G: Committee on Programming and Procedure Representative - Sora Shirai ('23)

Council Committee Chair(s) [Council Leadership]

A: Administrative Committee - Vidushi Sharma ('23) and Josh Stearns ('24)

B: Curriculum Committee - Alex Rockmore ('22)

C: Organizational Engineering Committee - Anna Healey ('24) and Sophie Wise ('24)

D: Student Activities Committee - Theo Burdick ('24) and Ty Nolon ('23)

E: Student Life Committee - Kavi Patel ('24) and Aidan Peterson ('22)


The Council officers are be elected by Council at the end of each school year for the following year.

The Council Committee Chair(s) are elected by their committee members at the beginning of each school year.