to the website of the Hanover High School Council! The Council was founded during the 1973-74 school year and was endorsed in 1977 by the Dresden School Board. Currently, it is made up of over 40 students, staff and community members. The Council is one of three governmental bodies that make decisions at the high school, along with the Administration and the Judiciary Committee. For more information about Council's operation, please go to the Downloads page to view the latest version of the Council bylaws or click here.

Council meets:

in the Chorus/Orchestra Room from 10:15am-11:00am on Wednesdays, unless otherwise noted on the school calendar.

This website is a resource for minutes, committee information, member information, important documents and lists of motions that have recently been either passed or failed by Council. Please feel free to explore this website, and if you have any comments, suggestions or the like, please see the Contact page to let us know.

2019 HHS Climate Action Plan Now released!

Moderator's Welcome to School 2019-20

Hello everyone and welcome back to Hanover High! I hope you all had wonderful summers! I know that it is the first day of school so many of you are looking back on summer and wishing it hadn’t gone by so quickly. But there is so much to look forward to this year at HHS! Whether it’s crushing it during a soccer game or going to acapellooza to see the a capella groups perform in the spring, there is so much to do at HHS in addition to the amazing academics. So as we all move into new grades, I have just a few words of advice for you.

Our school mission statement is hearts, minds, and voices, and I challenge all of you - but especially the freshmen - to embrace this mission statement this year. Use your hearts to make new friends- not just within your grade, but also with upperclassmen and teachers. Become friends with the wonderful people working in the caf and thank the custodians for their hard work. Use your minds to challenge yourselves academically without taking too on too much work. You aren’t here just to get A’s, you are here to learn from your classes and from your extracurriculars. Use your voices to speak up for what you believe in, and remember that you are always welcome to come to Council if you ever have anything to say.

I think the best advice I can give you all is to do what you enjoy, not what you think others want you to do. Try out for a new sports team! Join a new club! Audition for an a capella group! Don’t just do things because you think some college wants to see them. Do them because you truly want to. You get to choose how you spend these four years of high school- I encourage you all to choose well and to have fun!

Ian Nolon

2019-20 Council Moderator

Click here to see a presentation on Council: Why Does Council Exist? How Does Council Work? And What is Council?

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2019-2020 Council Leadership

Ian Nolon ('20) - Moderator

Clay Kynor ('20) - Assistant Moderator

Stephen Wang ('20) - Secretary

Noah Phipps ('21) - Dresden School Board Representative

Tom Lyons ('21) - Treasurer

Alice Garner ('20) - Public Relations Person

Andrew Chen ('20) - Committee on Programming and Procedure Representative

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Agenda 9.11.19 / Minutes 9.4.19
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