Assistant Moderator

1. Presides over meetings in the absence of the Moderator.

2. Chairs the Executive Committee and is responsible for its effective operation. (See duties of the Executive Committee in article VII, Section B).

3. Is responsible for planning the agenda for each week’s Council meeting and ensures it gets to the secretary before the minutes are posted on the Council bulletin board.

4. Is responsible for attending one meeting of each committee per quarter in order to check in on committee progress and to obtain an overall view of committee function.

5. Represents the Council and its views to the public and the school community in the absence of the moderator

6. Oversee or facilitate the Council Committee web pages. Ensure each page includes:

(a) chair/chairs,

(b) current members

(c) time/place of meeting

(d) committee responsibilities

(e) committees’ meeting notes

(f) action the committee taken to date

7. Meets regularly each week with the principal to communicate council business to the administration with the Moderator.