Student Life

- Manages the school environment -

Committee Co-Chairs

Sam Loesher ('24)

Meeting Time

Tuesday @ Lunch

(11:10 am - 11:50 am)

Meeting Place

Room 118

Social Studies Hallway

(Mr. Berube)


Sam Loescher - (Treasurer/ '24)

Tim Berube (Staff)

Andrew Mcguire ('25)

Alba Gomez-saucedo ('26)

Hal Bourne (Staff)

Ella Sorensen ('27)

Krrish Mishra ('25)

Ms. Saas (Staff)

Nelson Barabas ('27)

Sofia Ye ('26)


1. Purpose

(a) To provide the best possible environment for students at Hanover High School and to work effectively with the administration to that end.

(b) To serve in an advisory capacity to the administration in matters of student life in the high school.

2. Specific Duties

(a) To work with the Dean of Students each year in revising the Student Handbook, as needed.

(b) To solicit ideas from students in conjunction with the Curriculum Committee in a yearly survey that will evaluate student life at Hanover High School.

(c) To present the results of the above survey to both the Council and Administration.

(d) To facilitate recycling efforts.

(e) To dig up the time capsule buried by OEC in the year 2020 using the map in the Council records.

(f) To maintain the following relationship and obligations to the Alliance of School and Parents (ASAP), when active:

i. To ensure that the Council is the communication link between ASAP and the student body.

a. This representative should be chosen at the end of the school year to represent the Council on ASAP meetings, which take place over the summer as well as during the school year.

b. This representative will then serve until the end of their term on Council the following spring.