Club of the Year Award

Presented to the club or organization at Hanover High School that the Student Activities Committee of Council believes has made a positive impact at our school and in the community as a whole, this award celebrates those who shape our identity or culture, providing students and staff with new opportunities, or by instituting or facilitating new practices that better our community.

Skip Bean Democratic Citizen Award

Hanover High prides itself on being a democratic school. As presented in the mission statement, all people in the school community are encouraged to use their “hearts, minds, and voices” to effect positive change. The Skip Bean Democratic Citizen Award, sponsored by Council, acknowledges a person or group in the school or community that furthers the purposes and ideals of a democratic school and continually contributes to this democratic process. This award is named in honor of Linwood H. (Skip) Bean, Jr., Associate Principal of Hanover High School from 1970 to 1997. Mr. Bean was a “founding father” of the Council and an outspoken advocate for and supporter of democracy at HHS. In keeping with tradition, the recipient(s) of the award will receive a bag of beans (jelly, coffee, etc.) The Administrative Committee of Council reflects on both personal and collective efforts and contributions over the past school year that have cumulatively added to the vibrancy of school life, encouraged school-wide discussions, and made our school more accessible.

Staff Member of the Year Award

We share Hanover High School with our staff members. While they are paid as administrators or teachers, many staff members go above and beyond by staying after class, sponsoring clubs, raising class money, bringing us food or simply making us smile. As students, we receive thanks for the work we dedicate to class through quarterly reports, honor roll and class day, yet staff members receive little formal recognition for their work.

* This award was previously called "Staff Member of the Month," but was changed to "Staff Member of the Year" to reflect current practice.

Tom Hanlon Council Award

In 1971, Tom Hanlon came to Hanover High School as a parent volunteer with an idea and a commitment to develop real participation and democracy in the governing of the high school. He was instrumental in forming the Council and in reforming the way we make decisions at Hanover High School. Tom Hanlon died suddenly in 1982, just as many of his ideas were bearing fruit, but the Council continues to feel a great debt to Tom and a responsibility to carry on his ideals in its work. Therefore, each year on class day or at the underclass awards assembly, the Council, by vote of its members, gives the Tom Hanlon Council Award, in the form of an engraved bowl, to a person who by their commitment and activity has increased the sharing spirit of our school, enhanced the processes of governance and decision-making, and promoted the involvement and participation of everyone in our school community.


Club of the year award

2015-2016 . . . Suicide Awareness Club (Co-Chairs: Caroline Murphy and ??? Williams)

Skip bean democratic citizen award

2021-2022 . . . Anna Healey and Reilly Uiterwyk

2020-2021 . . . Tom Lyons

2018-2019 . . . Council Student Life Committee

(Hal Bourne, Alice Garner, Caroline Loescher, Kate McCaull, Alice McDevitt, Casey McGuire, Maggie Minnock-Taylor, Matt Prince, Mark Ralston-Daniel, and Leila Trummel)

2016-2017 . . . Molly Cook, Amy Good, Shira Hoffer, and Jasper Meyer

2012-2013 . . . Eleanor Patten

Staff member(S) of the year award

2020-2021 . . . HHS Nurses and Custodians

2018-2019 . . . Thomas Cochran

2017-2018 . . . Warren Tucker

2015-2016 . . . Michael Morris

2009-2010 . . . Liz Murray (10.09)

2008-2009 . . . Penelope Prendergast (10.08)

Greta Mills (11.08)

John Donnelly (05.09)

Tom hanlon Council award

2020-2021 . . . Council Class of 2021

(Julia Cook, Caroline Loescher, Wylie Lucas, Tom Lyons, Sage McGinley-Smith, Casey McGuire, Noah Phipps, Riley Roach, Ellie Stannard, Nathan Subrahmanian, Reilly Uiterwyk, Ben Wagner, CJ Wheelan)

2019-2020 . . . Tom Lyons

2014-2015 . . . Lynn Ceplikas

2013-2014 . . . Kelsey Smith

2011-2012 . . . Deb Gillespie

2001-2002 . . . Linda Addante

2000-2001 . . . Uwe Bagnato

1999-2000 . . . Aaron Wieler

1998-1999 . . . Christina Finigan

1997-1998 . . . Council Leadership

(Greg Day, Robby Mook, Heather Wieler, Sara Donahue, and Jeff Vnikoor)

1996-1997 . . . Jeff Vnikoor

1995-1996 . . . Dillon Teachout

1994-1995 . . . Joe Bonfiglio + Sarah Nelson

1993-1994 . . . Josh Fischel

1992-1993 . . . Margaret Caldwell

1991-1992 . . . Julie Farrell

1990-1991 . . . Dan Boyle + Alex Chapman

1989-1990 . . . Trevor Burgess

1988-1989 . . . Bill Cogswell

1987-1988 . . . Jamie Dycus

1986-1987 . . . Jordie Green

1985-1986 . . . Skip Bean

1984-1985 . . . Trevor Price

1983-1984 . . . Peter Richardson

1982-1983 . . . Ford Daley

1981-1982 . . . Christine Charman