CLass committees


A. Membership

Sign-ups for the Class Committee will be held during the activity fair at the beginning of the school year, supervised by the Council and the Public Relations Person. Any student can sign up, but they must maintain steady involvement in meetings and fundraisers in order to be considered a member.

B. Purpose

  1. To raise funds for activities it deems appropriate. Possible activities include:

a. Graduation

b. Senior Prom

c. Yearbook

d. A gift that is donated to the school

e. Class trips and activities

  1. Communication with Class

a. The Class Committee has the ability to call a class meeting, with reasonable notice.

C. Structure

  1. There is no formal structure that is required within the Class Committee (i.e. Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.) as long as the Committee is functional.

  2. One person must be in contact with a Council member.

D. Class Advisor

  1. Purpose

a. To work closely with the Class Committee to set up yearly class activities and fundraisers.

  1. The newly formed freshman class committee will discuss possible choices for class advisors and communicate with one or two teachers at the beginning of the year.

E. Participation

  1. Class Committee members need to actively participate in order to achieve class goals. Failure to participate and/or attend meetings diminishes this.

  2. Advisors should review transcripts of activities to verify active participation in Class Committee meetings and activities. At the end of the year, the advisor will send a list of active members to Guidance.