Organizational engineering

- Runs elections and maintains Council operations -

Committee Co-Chairs

Martin Mosdal ('26)

Meeting Time

Monday @ Activities Period

(11:10 am - 11:50 am)

Meeting Place

English Resource Center


Mingheng Liu (Council Secretary / '25)

Martin Mosdal (Chair / '26)

Maxwell Dunten ('25)

Charlie Forbush ('25)

Grace Healey ('27)

Drew McCaul ('27)

Harper Lewis ('27)

Karen O'Hern (Staff)


OEC Attendance - 2022-2023


1.  Purpose:

(a) To be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the Council itself.

(b) To maintain contact and communication with outside affiliates such as the National Association of Student Councils.

2.  Specific Duties

(a) To run replacement elections for the Council.

(b) To be responsible for accurate records of member’s attendance and deal with issues of nonattendance.

(c) To promote effective committee membership and functioning.

(d) To effect the Council’s joining of the state, regional, and national student Council associations if the Council so desires.

(e) To review and reprint bylaws annually.

(f) To post the minutes from each week on the Council Bulletin Board and other bulletin boards throughout the school.

(g) To promote and publicize the Council speeches and elections each spring, which will be announced two weeks in advance.

(h) To email the motions passed that pertain to the entire school at the last meeting and the agenda for the next meeting by 12 pm on Wednesday so they can be shared in the Advisory announcements for the same week.

(i) To manage the Council forum in the atrium to increase Council’s involvement with the school community.

i. At a minimum, the forum will be manned with a Council member during activity periods on Tuesdays and Friday.

ii. The staff table in the atrium will have a permanent box for suggestions to Council regarding potential motions or issues for discussion.

iii. A whiteboard will be placed next to the Council bulletin board for chalk-talk discussions.

(j) To facilitate elections of new and tuition students in September (the list of new and tuition students can be obtained from the Dean of Students' Administrative Assistant).

i. Use locker notes and email to contact all new students and tuition students. New students are students who live in Hanover, Norwich or Etna, but are new to the school. Tuition students are students who come from surrounding towns, other than those stated above.

ii.  Hold an election meeting, also in September, to which all candidates are invited. The students who wish to run should have their names written down, and students who do not wish to run should be encouraged to attend to vote. It is recommended that this meeting be held during Advisory.

iii. Each candidate should be allowed to give a short speech stating his or her name and his or her qualifications and intents.

iv. There will be two ballots at the election meeting. Tuition students should vote for tuition students, and new students should vote for new students. Refer to article 3a, points E and F for membership details.

v. Results can usually be calculated during the meeting, and the winners should be informed of the meeting time of the Council, as well as the general responsibilities that membership entails.

vi. The names of the two runners-up in each delegation should be recorded in case the elected member is unable to serve.